European Brides – What is special about mail order brides from Europe?

European countries are well-known for their classic and sophisticated culture. European mail order brides embody this ideal, and many men dream of finding a European wife. These women are typically educated and well-traveled, and they take pride in their appearance. European brides also tend to be family-oriented, and they’re looking for a long-term relationship. In today’s material, our experienced experts will reveal all the nuances of marriage with European brides.

Popular European Mail Order Brides Dating Sites

Ariana 22 y.o.
Brisa 23 y.o.
Jules 25 y.o.
Tamara 24 y.o.
Veronica 27 y.o.
Zoe 28 y.o.

Surprising Statistics on European Brides

🏆 Success marriages 71%
🏙️ Best cities to meet European brides Poland, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Sweden
⌛ Average age of European brides 25 y.o.
💰 Average European bride cost $960 – $5,300
💑 Best European dating site JollyRomance
💔 Divorce rate ~29%
⚖️ Is it legal? Yes

For centuries, women from all over Europe have been sought after as brides. From the ancient Greeks travelling to find wives for their sons to modern day American men looking for love overseas, European brides have always been highly sought-after. But what do we actually know about them? Here is a look at some of the most interesting statistics about European brides that you may not have known.

The Most Popular Countries for Foreign Brides

The top five countries that produce the most foreign brides are Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. The majority of these women come from Eastern Europe and are looking for husbands in more developed countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia.

Age Gap Between Partners

A study conducted by the University of Exeter found that there is an average age gap of 8 years between partners in international marriages involving Europeans. This means that many foreign brides are significantly younger than their husbands—an average of 7-8 years younger to be exact.

Reasons Why Women Become Foreign Brides

A survey conducted in 2016 revealed that the most common reason why women become foreign brides is because they wish to improve their quality of life and escape poverty (41%). Other reasons include wanting to experience a different culture (20%) or wanting a chance at true love (19%).

European Brides: Get to Know Them Closer

Yes, we have all heard of Europe and we know that it is a large part of the planet. There are a large number of different countries with different mentalities, cultures, and customs. For example, in Portugal, Italy, or Spain you can meet pleasant southern women with dark hair, brown eyes, and a cheerful disposition. At the same time, pleasant blondes live in Scandinavia, descendants of real Vikings. Also, it is worth noting the magnificent Eastern European brides, whose beauty and good character are known all over the world. It is important to understand that your life will change if you start a relationship with European mail order brides. We decided to talk about the main features of local women in our review.

european girl

Character You Like

For a harmonious relationship, it is important to meet not just a beautiful girl, but a woman who understands your inner world, views on life, and interests. In this case, you can create an ideal marriage with a charming European bride. After all, it is European women who have an excellent and progressive character. In Europe, many men and girls understand that each person is free to choose those social roles that are convenient for him. There are no male or female jobs here. Moreover, local girls (British, Swedish, and German brides) know how to listen to a partner, understand his opinion and find a compromise. So, your relationship becomes easy and pleasant. Moreover, we can note the excellent character of Eastern European women who know how to take care of and create perfect comfort at home. These brides are ways to show you what real happiness is.

Impression on Others

Of course, you will attend various events with your European woman, whom you met on a dating site. Therefore, it is important that she has a sense of style and can create a harmonious image for any event. It’s frustrating to wait a long time for her to put on her make-up or to see her fussy costume. Therefore, choose a European woman who will look great in any outfit thanks to her grace and natural grace. It is also good if she has a high level of education – this will allow her to be an excellent conversationalist. Moreover, now you will be interested in the bride for many years. And the girl you met on a European dating site should understand the importance of relationships and the inadmissibility of cheating. The love of a European wife should go to only one man – her husband. Such a family life is an ideal one.

Success stories from Europe

Success Story #1 Image
Alan and Emma FindEuropeanBeauty logo
Alan and Emma had both been single for a while. After trying out different methods of meeting people, they decided to give an online dating site a try. At first, Alan and Emma were just friendly with each other, but as they kept talking their conversations turned more serious. After months of speaking online, Alan finally asked Emma if she wanted to meet up in person - which she happily agreed to do. As soon as they saw each other all their worries melted away; it felt like they had known each other forever! Soon enough the two became inseparable.
Success Story #2 Image
Bobby and Olivia FindEuropeanBeauty logo
Bobby and Olivia had both been single for a long time. They decided to try online dating after trying out different methods of meeting people, and they quickly became friends. As they kept talking, their conversations turned more serious until Bobby finally asked Olivia if she wanted to meet up in person - which she happily agreed to do. When they saw each other all their worries melted away; it felt like they had known each other forever! Soon enough the two became inseparable.

High Level of Education and Income

Do not even think that you will be able to find a European bride for sale. European countries have a high standard of living. Therefore, you can be sure that your wife loves you, and that you are a kindred spirit, not a sponsor. In addition, European women know how to perfectly plan the family budget. Therefore, be sure that you have enough money for a good life and a pleasant holiday. This is a really happy family life if you are glad to see your wife every day and prefer to relax with her. Together with European brides, it will be exactly like that. Because these girls have an active life position and do not like boredom or monotony. European mail order brides will gladly go on a trip with you, skiing in the mountains or camping. These will be really happy days, because the optimism of European women, a great sense of humor, and cheerfulness will make every moment special.

Different but Charming Appearance

The history of Europe is very turbulent and impetuous. A large number of wars, discoveries, and the emergence, development, and death of people have made this part of the world the cradle of progress. But the main wealth is the amazing beauty of European mail order brides. Interestingly, they do not have a specific type. Eastern European women have blonde hair and blue or green eyes, while Italian ladies have dark hair and brown eyes. Thanks to modern search algorithms, matrimonial service will help you find the bride of your dreams. The prospect of finding a charming foreign bride in Europe that will please you. Not bad, right?


Main Things to Know About Dating a European Mail Order Bride

So, if you have decided to choose European brides for marriage, then you need to understand that your life will change a lot. Moreover, you have to put in some effort to win the sympathy of the European girls. We recommend that you pay attention to some important aspects of the relationship with a potential European bride.

european woman

Most Viewed European Dating Sites


FindEuropeanBeauty is a dating platform that focuses on connecting people with European singles, offering an extensive range of profiles and user-friendly features to help users find their perfect match.

Pros Cons
Focus on European singles Limited free access
User-friendly design Paid membership required for advanced features
Profile verification process Some fake profiles possible
Extensive search filters


DateEuropeanWoman is a platform that aims to bring together individuals interested in dating European women, providing various communication tools and an easy-to-use interface.

Pros Cons
Dedicated to European women Limited functionality for free users
Multiple communication options Subscription needed for full access
Easy registration process Potential for fake profiles
User-friendly interface


RealEuropeanBeauty is a dating site that specializes in connecting users with genuine European singles, prioritizing profile verification and user experience.

Pros Cons
Focus on authentic European profiles Limited free features
Profile verification process Paid membership required for full access
User-friendly design Some fake profiles may exist
Advanced search filters


BravoDate is a popular dating platform featuring a wide range of profiles, user-friendly navigation, and advanced communication tools to help users build meaningful connections.

Pros Cons
Wide range of profiles Limited free features
User-friendly interface Some fake profiles may exist
Advanced communication tools Subscription-based services
Strong customer support


JollyRomance is a dating platform designed to create a fun and engaging environment for singles looking for meaningful relationships, offering various features to enhance the user experience.

Pros Cons
Large user base Limited access for free users
Advanced communication tools Paid membership needed for advanced features
Profile verification process Some fake profiles possible
24/7 customer support

Popular European Brides Profiles


European Woman as a Wife: Main Points

It is worth saying that the decision to choose a European girl for marriage is a good choice. Many Western men go to Europe to find a bride. Moreover, there is a very large choice, because there are several dozen countries in Europe, and women from different regions have different characteristics. And brides from EU countries will be different from Eastern European wives. However, some properties and advantages remain the same.

European girl

Real Partnership

European women for marriage is the best option because you get not just a foreign bride, but a real partner. These women are the most advanced and educated in the world. European girls don’t want to sit at home and waste your money. Their goal is to support their husband and progress themselves. European mail order brides are also very ambitious – they dream of building a career and helping to replenish the family budget. European ladies are ready to help you overcome the most difficult obstacles so that together you can reach new heights.

Active Style

Forget about the routine and the ordinary if you have chosen European women for marriage. Because such brides do not like to sit still, they prefer an active lifestyle. European ladies like training and traveling, studying, and self-development. Rest with them becomes not only pleasant, but also useful, because you learn something new, and unpleasant little things become a joke thanks to their good sense of humor and positive attitude towards life. And one more thing – these women are looking for love, so they will be faithful and devoted to you even in difficult times. Now the most difficult day becomes easier, and pleasant days become brighter because next to you is a beautiful European mail order bride.

Home Comfort

Another reason to find a European bride. Now your home will be a clean, comfortable, and pleasant place to live. Beautiful women do not like mess or dirt, so you will return to a clean home where a charming bride is ready to hug you and share warmth and tenderness. Also, European wives know how important it is to be a mother and raise healthy and full-fledged children. Together you can grow full-fledged personalities because children will see what a harmonious relationship should be.

Hot European woman

The Cost of a European Mail-Order Bride

The overall cost of a mail order bride from Europe can vary greatly depending on the country she is coming from and the services you require. Generally speaking, however, there are certain expenses that are associated with bringing a foreign bride into your home. These include:

Agency Fees

Most agencies that specialize in connecting Western men with European women charge fees for their services. These fees range from hundreds to thousands of dollars and usually cover things like background checks, matching services, and communication support. Some companies may also offer additional services such as visa assistance or travel arrangements.

Visa Costs

Depending on the country your mail order bride is coming from, there may be additional costs associated with obtaining a visa for her stay in your country. These costs can range significantly depending on the type of visa required and how long it will take to process her application.

Travel Expenses

If you plan to meet your foreign bride before bringing her into your home, then there will likely be some additional travel costs associated with this process as well. This could include airfare, hotel accommodation, meals and entertainment while you are away.

Calculate the Cost of European Wifes

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Main Differences in European Brides by Countries

Suppose you decide to meet charming European women. In this case, you can go to Europe, or you can start chatting with potential brides on an online dating site. This approach has many important advantages. Because you save time – you don’t have to spend weeks or even months in one of the European countries trying to meet local women and invite them on a date. Immediately after registration, you get access to a large database of profiles.

Moreover, these women are already looking for a partner, so they are potential brides. And most importantly – you do not spend so much money. Because traveling to a European country is expensive, some sites even allow you to chat online with charming brides without replenishing the deposit. Of course, there are paid dating sites, but it’s still much cheaper than traveling overseas. Also, it is worth understanding that European mail order brides from different countries have different characteristics and character traits.

North European Brides South European Brides Eastern European Brides
Appearance These are girls from Scandinavia, England, and Iceland. As a rule, local women have fair skin and hair. Also, Scandinavian women are descendants of the Vikings, so they are tall and have excellent posture. Such a bride looks amazing in any outfit and at any event. European women from southern countries have a different appearance. After all, there is more sun and higher temperatures. Therefore, it is easy to find a bride with dark hair and brown eyes here. Also, their figures are delicate and small. The beauty of Eastern European women is legendary. And this is true, local ladies have charming features and amazing beauty, presented by nature. It is interesting that in these countries there were very different peoples of Asia and Europe, so the type of Slavic brides differs from the standard one. You can find both a woman with blond hair and a swarthy girl.
Character Northern latitudes influenced the character of local women. It is not surprising that these brides have strong character and know, how to defend their positions. Of course, some men complain that these European women are not very emotional and do not show their feelings. But we believe that the right approach and love can solve this problem. Nature and local factors influence not only the appearance of European brides but also the character. Southern women are more active and smiling. They have a great sense of humor and have a positive outlook on life. Eastern European brides are the best choice for marriage. After all, their character is very soft and non-conflict. There will be no quarrels or scandals in your family. Moreover, local women respect the patriarchy, so the bride always supports her husband.
Attitude to Family and Marriage Marriage is considered a serious union in the eyes of local brides. But it is important to understand that local women will not sacrifice their interests or careers. Moreover, they will want support from their husband. Southern brides are more positive. And most importantly – more religious. And marriage is not just a word for these emotional and active women. Brides from southern countries choose the person with whom they will build a family. And another advantage of Eastern European brides is respect for traditional family values. We have already said that local women are very patient and believe in love. This is a true soul mate and an ideal soulmate.
Passion and Sexuality Here the statistics are on the side of other European brides. Of course, passion can burn inside these beauties, but the mentality and restraint leave their mark. You will need to put in a lot of effort to unlock your full potential. The southern temperament of local brides is an added advantage. European girls are sexy and liberated, and grace and elegance are visible in every movement. Perhaps another advantage of Slavic brides. Because these women have a pleasant temperament and natural beauty. And most importantly, European ladies are very sexy and know how to deliver real pleasure. Together with this European woman, you will be able to realize all your fantasies.

Marriage with a Bride From Europe as a Foreigner

Suppose you have registered on a European dating site and decided to invite the woman you like on a date. This is the right step because a meeting will help you understand if you are suitable for each other. After all, only a soul mate can become an excellent bride. It’s also handy that some sites help you date European women. It is important to make this date with a potential bride perfect because this way you can make the right impression and win the heart of a charming girl.

There is another option – it is to marry a European bride in her country. Yes, this marriage is legal and recognized in the United States. But this is not the basis for automatic and instant citizenship. This process takes several years. A US citizen must complete Form I-129F, and this is only possible within the country. The next step is to obtain a residence permit (for 10 years). Yes, a European bride can enter the country as a non-citizen. Further, the migration-center studies their relationship and decides whether to give the woman US citizenship.

European bride

European Dating Resources Legitimate?

The legality of European dating varies from country to country and is subject to national laws and regulations. In general, dating and forming relationships are legal activities across Europe. However, it’s important to note that certain practices, such as human trafficking, exploitation, or engaging in fraudulent activities, are strictly illegal and punishable by law in all European countries. It is crucial to approach dating in a respectful and lawful manner, ensuring that all interactions are consensual and based on mutual respect and understanding. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations of the country you are in or interested in to ensure compliance with local legal requirements.


Well, now you have learned a lot of new and important things about European brides thanks to our review. You can start your search for the woman of your dreams on one of the quality dating sites. It is necessary to register, fill out a personal profile, and set up search filters. Chat with charming European women and find your soul mate. May your search for a beautiful European wife be successful!


What is the best way to find a European bride?

  • Consider using an international dating site to find potential matches from around the world.
  • If you’re able to visit Europe, attend social gatherings or join clubs that cater to people of similar backgrounds and interests. These can be great places to meet someone special!
  • Take advantage of social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, as many European women use these platforms to find potential partners.
  • If you go on a trip abroad, try connecting with locals who could introduce you to someone they know who may be a good match for you.

What is the average age of a European bride?

The average age of a European bride is 28 years old. This statistic varies across different countries, however, with the lowest age being 23 in Poland and the highest being 32 in Azerbaijan and Turkey. Generally, women tend to marry earlier than men in Europe, although the age gap between genders is narrowing. Additionally, statistics show that more couples are living together before marriage due to cultural changes and rising numbers of single-parent households.

What are some things to avoid when dating a European bride?

When dating a European bride, there are a few things that should be avoided in order to ensure a successful relationship:

  • Don't assume that your culture and customs will apply in the same way in their home country. Respect local traditions and ask questions if you're unsure of something.
  • Be aware of gender roles in Europe which may differ from what is familiar to you.
  • Avoid making assumptions about someone based on their nationality or appearance alone.
  • Respect any language barriers you may encounter and try to be patient with them as they learn English.
  • Don’t forget to show appreciation for the little things they do, such as preparing meals or taking care of household chores – it can mean a lot to them!
  • Don't expect immediate commitment; European brides often take time to get to know someone before entering into an exclusive relationship.

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