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You grew up in a large multinational and multicultural city. And since childhood, they were friends with a housemate. You have always been surprised by his talents and ability to start a conversation with any girl. He could make a good impression on any woman.It is not surprising that he was the first to find a bride and build a serious relationship.

You need a charming woman who can provide support at the right time. It looks like you are ready to meet an Asian bride. After all, local women are an excellent option for marriage. Moreover, dating charming oriental singles has become much easier thanks to modern technology. Today, many dating sites partner with beautiful Asian women. And your chance to find a bride here is high because the services use advanced technologies and matchmaking algorithms. Well, your life next to an Asian bride will be completely different, and we will tell you about the features of local girls in our review.

Asian Wives Overview

🏆 Success marriages ~79%
⌛ Average age of Asian brides 22 y.o.
💰 Average Asian bride cost $2,500 — $7,050
💑 Best Asian dating site AsianMelodies
💔 Divorce rate ~22%
⚖️ Is it legal? Yes

Asian Mail Order Brides Profiles 💦

Mei Ling 25 y.o.
Shanghai, China
Marketing Manager
Traveling, photography, hiking
Aisha Patel 31 y.o.
Mumbai, India
Software Engineer
Reading, cooking, yoga
Yuki Tanaka 23 y.o.
Tokyo, Japan
Graphic Designer
Anime, drawing, karaoke
Kim Soo-Min 32 y.o.
Seoul, South Korea
English Teacher
K-dramas, painting, dancing
Priya Gupta 31 y.o.
Bangalore, India
Traveling, playing the piano
Thi Lan 29 y.o.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Reading, hiking, volunteering

Asian Bride: Get to Know Her Closer

First of all, you need to learn more about Asia and oriental brides. After all, your life will be completely different after you start relationships with local women. Many Western men are especially eager to go to Asian countries to chat with local girls. And we understand them because Eastern women make excellent brides. Let’s talk about the most striking features of these ladies.

Infographic on Asian Women Features

Main Things to Know About Dating an Asian Mail Order Bride

Also, it is worth mentioning several ways to find an Asian wife. For example, you can choose one of the Asian countries and go there in search of a bride. Yes, this is an interesting and exciting journey, but it requires serious effort. After all, this process can take several weeks or even months. We recommend that you sign up with a quality dating site. Many modern services cooperate with Asian women so that the process of finding love will become much more convenient and interesting. But remember that the site must be secure, provide strong user protection and offer a wide range of tools. In this case, you get important benefits.

So, you have registered on the site and started chatting. The next step is to arrange a date with the Asian woman you like. We will give you some tips on how to win the heart of a potential bride.

Topic Tips
A place for a date You have been talking with a charming Asian woman for a long time. It is obvious that you know a lot about her character and preferences. And also, about her favorite restaurant, right? Book a table at her favorite cafe. Remember that there should be pleasant music, delicious cuisine, and a great atmosphere that encourages conversation with an Asian woman.
Appearance The first impression means a lot. And it is important to win the maximum attractiveness points in the first minutes. Of course, you should not come in a business suit to a meeting with an Asian mail order bride, but you need to create an optimal image. Wear clothes that flatter your figure and sense of style. Casual but stylish everyday wear is a great choice.
Present We continue to give positive emotions to the Asian girl. Every woman loves attention, and you can win her heart by taking a small gift on a date. Flowers or a cute souvenir are a good option. We will also say that you should not give expensive gifts – this can confuse a modest Asian bride.
Communication How to understand that an Asian woman will be a good bride for you? Start a conversation with her and learn more about her outlook on life. Common interests are the basis of harmonious relations. After all, love is when two people look in the same direction. Also, we recommend that you answer honestly the questions of an Asian woman. Remember that you can build an ideal marriage with a bride only on mutual respect.
Humor, jokes, and pleasant emotions It is worth saying that Asian mail order brides love interesting men with a good sense of humor. And if you made an oriental woman smile, then she is interested in you. Of course, it is worth remembering that you cannot be vulgar. Leave inappropriate dirty jokes and be a gentleman – this is a good decision. Moreover, we recommend learning more about the culture of your Asian woman’s country, as well as learning a few words in her native language. This will also show your interest in her and her inner world.
Financial situations and check Asia is a region with a unique culture. As a rule, in many countries, patriarchy is very strong, and men are the main breadwinners in the family. Therefore, according to local culture, a man must pay for a table. It’s okay, and you want to please an Asian bride.
Final of the evening Now you can go for a walk with an Asian woman, visit an amusement park, or dance. It all depends on your and her desires. But remember that you should not invite a girl to your house right after the first date. You’re looking for an Asian bride, not a one-night stand, aren’t you? We recommend that you be an interesting and polite, but slightly mysterious interlocutor. This approach will intrigue the girl, and she will want to see you again.

Find a Wife From Asia

Anhe 28 y.o.
Bai 22 y.o.
Fitness Coach
Gong 31 y.o.
Hong 29 y.o.
Fitness Coach
Jia 35 y.o.
Kexin 24 y.o.

Asian Woman as a Wife: Main Points

Asia is a huge part of the planet, where about four billion people live (about three billion live in China and India alone). Here you can find a variety of Asian women for marriage. Moreover, a bride from Korea or the Philippines will be different from a girl from Pakistan or India. But it is important to note that this region has a special culture, and Eastern women make wonderful brides. Yes, every Asian girl is unique, but we will talk about the main advantages of these ladies in our review.

Asian Brides

Refinement and Grace

One of the main reasons to choose Asian ladies for marriage is their amazing beauty. Many local women can win the heart of a man at first sight. As a rule, they have a small stature and a charming slender figure. Moreover, these women have a natural sense of style and can quickly find the perfect look for any event. But the main thing is their natural beauty. Asian brides have delicate skin, dark straight hair, and brown eyes. However, matrimonial service will be able to find you even an Asian blonde with green eyes. Another important fact is that time has no power over these girlfriends. Therefore, even after many years of family life, you can admire a young and beautiful Asian bride.

They Know How to Impress Others

If you appear at a meeting with an Asian wife, the attention and delight of those around you are guaranteed. These ladies look great in an elegant evening gown or a stylish cocktail dress. Their natural grace allows local girls to look great even in the company of top models. Get used to the fact that all men will look at you with envy. After all, now you have a charming Asian bride next to you.

Loyalty and Respect for Family Traditions

However, attention from other men will not become a reason for jealousy, because Asian brides are brought up from childhood with respect for traditional family values. They understand how important marriage and love are, and most importantly, they know how to be faithful over the long years of family life. All the warmth and tenderness of Asian brides are intended only for you. Moreover, you will be greatly surprised when the night comes. Have you heard the legends about Asian geishas and their art? Yes, local women know how to give real pleasure and show you new horizons of pleasure.

Optimism and a Good Sense of Humor

If you have started dating Asian women, then you know how nice it is to spend time with these charming ladies. They know how to listen, respect the opinion of a partner, and have a shy and pleasant character. In addition, they love to travel and outdoor activities, and you cannot find a better companion than Asian brides. Thanks to optimism and humor, even difficult trials will seem like simple jokes. An Asian bride is your true soul mate who will make life brighter and more emotional.

They Are Hardworking

Yes, some countries in this region have weak economies. But we do not recommend you to buy Asian women, because in this way you will not be able to build a harmonious relationship. Because now in your house is not just a bride, but a partner. Yes, Asian girls do not like routine or monotony. They prefer to work rather than just sit at home and wait for your gifts. Moreover, beautiful brides are ambitious and smart enough to make a good career. And you’ve heard that they are great at math. This is good because now there is a person who can effectively plan your family budget. Thanks to a charming Asian bride, you will have enough money for both a pleasant everyday life and a good vacation.

beautiful asian woman

Excellent Education

It’s great if you are addicted to spending time with your partner even after many years of married life – this is a sign that you meet your love. In the case of Asian wives, this is indeed the case. The high level of education in Asia is known all over the world, so you will have something to talk about when you are alone. You can have a conversation on any topic with your beloved woman – talk about cinema, art, books, and other things. And she will also tell you a lot of interesting things. Moreover, you will also touch another culture, so be prepared to be surprised. And most importantly, an Asian bride will be an ideal companion at a business meeting and negotiations.

Perfect Home Comfort

Indeed, Asian brides for marriage are the perfect option. Because in the morning you wake up in a clean house (these girls love cleanliness and order), put on a new shirt, and go to work. And in the evening, you will try to return home as soon as possible, where delicious dishes of exotic cuisine are on the table, and the charming girl is ready to share warmth and hugs. Great atmosphere, it’s like a happy marriage. And most importantly, these beautiful women love children. Together with them, it will be so easy for you to raise full-fledged individuals who will become valuable members of society.


Main Differences in Asian Brides by Countries

We have already told you that Asian girls for marriage are a great option. But Asia is a huge multicultural region. There are several dozen countries with their traditions, climate, economic and cultural characteristics. Not surprisingly, Asian women from different countries also differ from each other. Let’s talk about the main features of brides from different regions.

Far-East Brides Middle-East Brides Near-East Brides
Appearance These are women from countries such as Japan, Korea, the Philippines and China. They have light skin, small stature, and small figures. Brides from these countries amaze with their grace and harmony. Asian brides from India, Indonesia, and Pakistan have a different appearance. Their skin is darker and their figures are more athletic. Here we will talk about women from Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. As a rule, you will easily find an Asian bride here with dark hair and brown eyes.
Character It is worth saying that the Asian countries of this region are the most economically developed. This leads to the fact that local women are more active and hardworking. With such a bride, it is easy to find dialogue and build a mutually beneficial relationship. In these countries, Islam is very strong. No wonder local brides are taught to be modest and quiet. These women will never come into conflict and will not argue with their husbands. Turkish women already have an almost European character. Because the countries of the Middle East are influenced by European values. Next to such an Asian bride, you can easily feel comfortable.
Attitude to a Family Values Marriage is considered a serious union in the eyes of local brides. Charming women often agree with the role of the mother. But this does not mean that they cannot build a career with a man. Moreover, the sharp mind and high level of education of Asian brides allow them to succeed in their work. Here tradition is at its strongest. The local religion and culture believe that the main task of a woman is to be a good bride. Therefore, if you want a modest and sweet Asian bride, you should look in this region. We have already said that women from this Asian region have a more European character. Therefore, the attitude towards the family of local brides is not as reverent as that of other girls.

Marriage in Asia as a Foreigner

So, now you know everything about the features of mail order Asian brides: their appearance, character, and other factors. And you can meet charming women on dating sites. But online communication is only the first stage. The second stage is a real meeting with an Asian girl. And if everything goes well, then you can come to her home country and offer her to be your bride.

It is worth saying that the process of marrying an Asian girl is legal in almost any country in this region. You can come to Japan, China, Korea, etc. to his bride and marry. The only exceptions are the Philippines and North Korea. Moreover, marriage documents are also legal in the United States. But we want to make a few important points.

asian girl

The fact of marriage to an Asian bride does not give her grounds for instant citizenship. This means that a woman receives only a residence permit (green card) for up to 10 years. Moreover, this is only possible if the husband settles all legal issues with the migration service.

However, you can invite an Asian girl to the country by opening a fiance visa (K-1). To do this, a man must provide all the necessary documents to the migration-center: information about his work, passport data of an Asian woman, etc. The visa is given for 90 days. During this time, the partners must decide whether they are ready to marry. If so, then the Asian bride stays in the country. If not, the woman must leave the United States.

Also, you can marry an Asian bride in her country and then invite an Asian girl to the US. Here you will need to fill out Form I-129F (the document can be filled out only in the United States). In this case, the woman receives the right to enter and further the procedure for obtaining citizenship. This process may take several years.

Success stories from Asian Melodies Dating Site

Success Story #1 Image
Morgan and Aiko AsianMelodies logo
Morgan and Aiko were two strangers who had never met before, but fate had other plans. They both signed up for a dating site looking for love, but what they found was something far more special. It started off with small conversations and getting to know one another better as time went on. Eventually, it blossomed into an undeniable connection that neither of them could ignore. Despite their differences in background and life experience, Morgan and Aiko felt like soulmates from the very beginning. As their relationship grew stronger each day, so did their feelings for each other until eventually they decided to make things official; after only three months of being together they moved in together!
Success Story #2 Image
Dale and Hana AsianMelodies logo
Dale and Hana were two strangers; at least, that's what they thought. They met each other on a dating site and slowly got to know one another better through conversations. Eventually, fate intervened, and the two realized that they had found something more special than just love.Despite their differences in background and life experience, Dale and Hana felt a strong connection from the very beginning. As they got to know each other better, they realized that they were soulmates. Their relationship grew stronger each day, and after only three months of being together they decided to move in together!

Asian Brides Pricing – What Factors Influence Pricing?

Here is a breakdown of the costs to consider when planning a date with an Asian lady:

  1. Expenses for online dating sites: Depending on the payment policy, this can range from 1-2 thousand dollars, covering advanced communication features, real and virtual gifts, and premium profiles.
  2. Transportation costs: Including tickets, hotels, and transportation for the lady, this typically amounts to 2-3 thousand dollars.
  3. Entertainment expenses: This category covers visits to spas, museums, restaurants, as well as gifts and flowers for the lady, with costs ranging from 200-300 dollars.
  4. Visa costs: When the lady arrives in your country, visa fees are typically around 600 dollars.
  5. Adaptation costs: These expenses include obtaining a green card, tickets, and luggage transportation, which may add up to approximately 10 thousand dollars.

Please note that these costs are approximate and can vary depending on individual circumstances and preferences. It is essential to plan and budget accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable dating experience.

Calculate the Cost of Asian Women

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Best Dating Sites to Find an Asian Bride

We told you about the features of beautiful brides and the best way to find a partner. But the problem is that there are a lot of different companies offering their services on the Internet. And it is very important to choose the highest quality dating site that provides a high level of security and offers the best conditions. We saved your time and conducted a thorough analysis of dozens of companies. Also, we have compiled a list of the best sites where you can look for an Asian wife.

asian girl


LoveSwans is a dating platform that caters to individuals seeking serious relationships with singles from Eastern Europe, offering advanced communication tools and a user-friendly interface.

Pros Cons
Focus on Eastern European singles Limited functionality for free users
Advanced communication options Subscription needed for full access
User-friendly design Potential for fake profiles
Strong customer support


AsianMelodies is a popular dating site that connects users with Asian singles, providing an extensive range of profiles and user-friendly features to help users find their ideal match.

Pros Cons
Wide range of Asian profiles Limited free features
User-friendly interface Some fake profiles may exist
Advanced communication tools Subscription-based services
24/7 customer support

Find an Asian Bride


AsianWomenDate is a specialized platform dedicated to connecting people interested in dating Asian women, offering various communication tools and an easy-to-use interface.

Pros Cons
Focus on Asian women Limited functionality for free users
Multiple communication options Subscription needed for full access
Easy registration process Potential for fake profiles
User-friendly interface


EasternHoneys is a dating platform designed to create a comfortable environment for singles looking for Asian partners, offering various features to enhance the user experience.

Pros Cons
Large user base of Asian singles Limited access for free users
Advanced communication tools Paid membership needed for advanced features
Profile verification process Some fake profiles possible
24/7 customer support


AsianDate is a dating site that specializes in connecting users with Asian singles, prioritizing profile verification and user experience while offering a wide range of profiles.

Pros Cons
Focus on Asian singles Limited free features
Profile verification process Paid membership required for full access
User-friendly design Some fake profiles may exist
Advanced search filters

How to Avoid Asian Brides Scam?

To avoid scams related to Asian mail order brides, here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Choose reputable websites: Use well-established and reputable Asian dating platforms that have a proven track record of user safety and positive reviews. Research and read about the platform’s reputation and safety measures before registering.
  2. Be cautious of red flags: Watch out for warning signs such as profiles that seem too good to be true, inconsistent information, or individuals who quickly declare their love and ask for financial assistance. Exercise caution if someone tries to rush you into making decisions or sharing personal information.
  3. Verify profiles: Look for dating sites that have a thorough profile verification process. Verified profiles add an extra layer of authenticity and minimize the chances of encountering fraudulent or scam accounts.
  4. Never send money or financial information: Avoid sending money or sharing financial details with anyone you haven’t established a genuine and trustworthy relationship with. Be wary of individuals who request money for various reasons, as this is a common tactic used in scams.


Well, we have given you all the information you need about the features of Asian women and advised you on the best places where you can find a bride. It is time to move from theory to practice and go through the registration procedure on the selected site. Chat online and start a real relationship with a future Asian wife. Good luck!

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