Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Prices – How to Get a Vietnamese Bride?

The concept of “mail order brides” can often be misunderstood. Although the term may imply that you are purchasing a bride, this is not the case. Rather, you are paying for a service that connects you with women who are willing to marry foreigners. Vietnamese mail order brides have grown in popularity, known for their charm, commitment to family values, and undeniably stunning looks. Understanding the Vietnamese mail order brides pricing is crucial for those who want to explore this route for finding a life partner.

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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

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Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Understanding the Price Range of a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride

The Vietnamese mail order bride cost may vary, depending largely on the services you choose to utilize. In general, the range typically falls between $2,000 and $15,000. This can seem quite broad, but there are various components to consider, which can cumulatively contribute to the overall expense.

The primary cost driver is often the dating site or matchmaking service. Such platforms charge membership fees or credits for communicating with women. These services can range from $10 to $400 per month, depending on the site’s features and quality.

Additionally, traveling to Vietnam to meet your potential Vietnamese wives is a significant cost factor. The cost of flights, accommodations, meals, and local transportation can quickly increase. Moreover, multiple trips might be required, further driving up the cost.

Don’t forget about the costs associated with visa procedures. Acquiring a K-1 visa, often called a Fiancée Visa, necessary for your Vietnamese bride to come to your country, can cost around $2,000.

Finally, there are costs associated with the wedding itself. Depending on the customs you choose to follow, these can add significantly to the Vietnamese mail order brides pricing.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Several factors can influence the Vietnamese mailorder brides cost. First and foremost, the dating or matchmaking platform you choose can significantly affect the cost. The quality of the service, the features it offers, and its pricing structure are all important considerations.

The number of trips you make to Vietnam is another major factor. If you find a compatible Vietnamese bride price quickly, you may only need to make one or two trips. However, the process can take longer, requiring multiple visits, each adding to the overall cost.

The city you choose to visit can also impact your expenses. Major cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City may be more expensive than smaller towns or rural areas.

The living standards and expectations of your Vietnamese mail order bride online

 play a role as well. Some Vietnamese women come from modest backgrounds and have simple tastes, while others may have a taste for luxury.

Legal expenses are also significant. This includes the cost of visas, legal documents, translation services, and possibly legal assistance to ensure all documents are correctly processed.

Lastly, your wedding plans will play a large part in the overall cost. A simple civil ceremony will cost much less than a large wedding with all the traditional Vietnamese customs.

In conclusion, the concept of Vietnamese mail order brides is not about purchasing a wife but rather about covering the expenses involved in cross-cultural matchmaking, travel, legal procedures, and the wedding. With a clear understanding of the cost range and influencing factors, you can plan your search for a Vietnamese wife more efficiently and realistically.

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Vietnamese Mail Order Wife Cost: Risks and Scams

The process of finding a Vietnamese bride comes with its own set of risks and potential scams, just as with any online transaction. Fraudulent dating websites and unscrupulous individuals are looking to take advantage of those looking for online brides. The first precaution to take is to choose a reputable dating or matchmaking platform. Research user reviews and professional evaluations to select a site that is reliable and trusted.

Next, be wary of individuals who quickly ask for money, even if they provide a seemingly legitimate reason, such as a medical emergency or travel expenses. These are common scams in the world of online dating.

The Vietnamese mail order bride price is not insignificant, and the last thing you want is to fall victim to a scam that not only breaks your heart but also your bank account. Remember, legitimate dating services will offer a transparent pricing structure and use secure payment methods. And while many genuine Vietnamese women are looking for love online, they typically wouldn’t ask for money from someone they have just met.

Vietnamese Mail Order Wife Cost

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Profiles 💦

Mei Ling 25 y.o.
Marketing Manager
Traveling, photography, hiking
Aisha Patel 31 y.o.
Software Engineer
Reading, cooking, yoga
Yuki Tanaka 23 y.o.
Graphic Designer
Anime, drawing, karaoke
Kim Soo-Min 32 y.o.
English Teacher
K-dramas, painting, dancing
Priya Gupta 31 y.o.
Traveling, playing the piano
Thi Lan 29 y.o.
Reading, hiking, volunteering

Additional Expenses to Consider When Marrying a Vietnamese Bride

While the average cost of mail order brides includes significant elements like dating platform membership, travel, and legal expenses, there are additional costs you may need to consider.

First, consider cultural or language classes. If you’re committed to your Vietnamese bride, understanding her culture and language will significantly strengthen your relationship. These classes can add to the overall Vietnamese mail order wife cost but are well worth it.

Then, consider the expenses related to setting up a new household. These costs can include furniture, utilities, and perhaps even a vehicle. Your Vietnamese bride may also need time to adjust to her new environment, where she might not be working.

Finally, there might be ongoing costs, such as supporting your wife’s family in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese people care for their elderly parents, and your wife might want to continue this tradition.

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Services Cost

The cost of Vietnamese mail order bride services varies significantly. For those seeking the cheapest mail order brides, some platforms offer a basic matchmaking service, allowing you to browse profiles and communicate with potential brides for as little as $10-$20 per month.

However, more comprehensive services can be quite expensive. These can include advanced matching algorithms, video call capabilities, translation services, and even organized trips to Vietnam. These platforms can cost up to several hundred dollars per month, but they offer a high level of convenience and support.

If you decide to take an organized trip to Vietnam, this is another separate cost. These trips, often arranged by the dating platforms, can range from $1,000 to $3,000, not including airfare.

In conclusion, when considering the mail order Vietnamese bride prices, it’s not just about the upfront cost. The whole process involves multiple stages and expenses. While this can seem daunting, remember that the end goal is finding a loving partner and creating a happy life together. With careful planning and budgeting, this dream can certainly become a reality.

Tips To Save Money While Looking for a Vietnamese Wife

The cost associated with finding a Vietnamese wife can indeed be substantial, but there are ways to save money without compromising on the quality of your search.

Looking for a Vietnamese Wife
Choose the Right PlatformSome dating sites offer free trials or lower-priced options with enough features for you to find your potential Vietnamese bride. Take time to research and choose a platform that fits your budget but is also trustworthy and effective.
Learn Some VietnameseHiring a translator can significantly add to the Vietnamese mail order brides cost. By learning the language, not only will you save money, but you will also connect better with your potential bride.
Plan Your Travel WiselyConsider the timing of your visit to Vietnam. Travel costs can vary depending on the season. Also, think about the duration of your stay: a longer single trip might be more cost-effective than several shorter ones.
Do Your Own Legal WorkIf possible, try to handle the visa application and other legal procedures by yourself. Lawyers and visa services can be costly. However, only do this if you are confident you understand the requirements.


The quest to buy Vietnamese wife, despite the terminology, is not about buying brides but about investing in a process that will potentially lead to a life-altering relationship. The Vietnamese mail order bride prices are an integral part of this journey, covering everything from dating platform services to travel, legal procedures, and cultural adaptation.

The process can be daunting and expensive, but keep in mind that the result – finding a loving Vietnamese wife – can be invaluable. The average cost of a mail order bride should be considered an investment in your future happiness. It’s crucial to approach this process with a clear understanding of the costs involved and a well-thought-out budget.

The quest to find an Vietnamese wife is a journey of the heart, punctuated by practicalities like expenses and logistics. It requires patience, time, and, yes, financial resources. But with diligent research, careful planning, and a genuine desire for cross-cultural understanding, you can navigate the Vietnamese mail order brides cost successfully.

In the end, the joy and companionship of a committed relationship cannot be measured in monetary terms. While the costs can be substantial, remember that the ultimate goal is a lifelong partnership filled with love and mutual respect. Finding your Vietnamese brides may be lined with challenges, but the rewards can far outweigh the costs. And that, in essence, is priceless.

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