Amourfeel Review – Are The Women Real?

Amourfeel is one of the fastest-growing dating sites for people keen on meeting Russian and Ukrainian girlfriends. As there are more and more active registrations on the site every day, this dating platform has become hard to overlook when searching for Eastern European beauties. The following are some of the underlying stats of this reputable dating site:

Best Mail Order Brides Dating Sites

  • Women from different countries
  • User friendly interface
  • ✅ 20+10 credits for new users
  • Free registration
  • Search and matching
  • Lots of Asian women of different age
  • Attractive Slavic women
  • Online gift catalog
  • Various options for communication
  • Over 150K single Latin women
  • Wide range of interaction tools
  • Video shows from ladies
  • Private and public photo and video content
  • Various communication tools of high quality
  • Active female members

Overall Reviews

In general, Amourfeel has some good reviews that are major as a result of the features that they have incorporated on their site. These free features make the site more user-friendly and easy to navigate. This aspect makes many people prefer the site over most other sites as it is quick to learn its usage. Some of the features of the site include:

AmourFeel main page
Profile QualityThe profiles in Amourfeel are usually more in-depth and provide more information about a user. The users are usually encouraged to upload high-quality pictures of themselves for easier connections.
FeaturesThe site offers various features that users can utilize to communicate with each other.The site’s features include instant messaging, convenient emails, gifting features, and date requests.
Sign up processThe signup process is fast and easy while at the same time ensuring that all relevant details are captured. During signup, users are requested to fill out a questionnaire so it can match them correctly with people of their taste.
CostThe cost of Amourfeel is quite affordable, especially for first-time users; they are offered free credits when they sign up. The site has a basic package There is also a free version of the site, with many useful features that are unlocked.
SecurityAmourfeel can boast as one of the sites with very few, if not any, bots on their site.A verification process during signup eliminates bots from gaining access to the site. review of the website shows it has one of the best customer care support in the dating industry. Their service agents are usually prompt and responsive whenever a user reaches out with a complaint.
OverallAmourfeel dating website is generally and easily the best site to go for if you are looking for sexy Slavic women. The site is friendly, and their rates are affordable.

Pros and Cons of using Amourfee



AmourFeel features

Creating a profile on Amourfeel

Amourfeel dating site review has one of the most in-depth profiles among online dating sites. It is because the site has a gruesome and extensive registration process that is keen on collecting more information on a registered user. 

In the initial registration stages, the new user is usually prompted to enter their primary data, including name, email, password, Gender, and date of birth. These features are mandatory for every user.

Then the user is directed to upload or take a real photo of themselves to show that they intentionally let people know who they are and what they want. This feature comes in handy as it increases the interaction on your profiles when other users are browsing profiles.

Lastly, the user is presented with optional questionnaires where they can detail what defines them, what they like, and what their preferences are in a relationship. Then the user leaves three sentences that describe them. Again, this data is used to enhance the accuracy of the matchmaking process.

Searching features in Amourfeel

There are typically four types of Amourfeel free search incorporated in the Amourfeel site which are used to simplify the process of getting love. These types of searches are such like:

This search is best if you want to interact with someone currently online. The profiles emerging from this search are usually active and very responsive. It is the ideal search if you are looking some just a random girl to build a connection with.

In this search, one must include a certain criterion, like age preference. However, it is an effective type of searching if you are browsing profiles of girls who have one distinct feature about them. Alternatively, you can skip all this, and the system will avail you of profiles of girls from all age groups for you to select.

This search type is for those with specific o with the type of girl they want. The user is presented with many details to select a preference from in this search. These details include physical appearance, age, religion, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

In this exciting search, one can select girls based on their photos and faces. When selecting this option, the user clicks faces, and they are shown a photo of a woman and be asked if they like the face or if they should skip it.

AmourFeel get started

Free vs. Paid version of Amourfeel: Which One is Better for Singles?

When it comes to dating sites, everybody wants a site that has effective communication features whether they have a subscription or not. Amourfeel offers its users superior futures both on its free versions and paid versions. The following are some of the features for each plan:

Free Version featuresPaid version features
Browsing profilesSending photos
WinkingGifting ladies
My favoritesSending emails
Viewing profilesVideo calling

Upgrading to premium membership is mandatory to get the best services; 

Note that gift services have additional charges.

Safety and security

Amourfeel takes the safety and security services of its clients with great importance. It is evident by the many measures they have put in place to ensure that everybody who uses the site is genuine and authentic. The following are some of the ways that they use to protect their users against malicious people:

AmourFeel search

Blocking feature

The site allows users to block other users if they do not want to be communicated to. It is essential also if one does not want a person to view their profile and message people’s inboxes.

Reporting feature

There is a reporting feature on the site where a user can report harassment, insult, and intimidation cases. When a person is reported and the claims are verified, their account is usually terminated, and they can’t access Amourfeel again.

Anti-bot feature

Amourfeel does everything it can to keep bots away from its site. As a result, the site is one of the sites with very few and close to no bots. However, most accounts are real as they are verified before access to the app.

Thorough registration

Amourfeel sign up process ensures that only people with verified credentials can interact with the site. Not verified profiles are usually blocked from the site and then permanently deleted. We recommend read other our article – AmourFactory review.

Find out The Price of Girls from AmourFeel

Meet with Popular Ladies from Amourfeel

Help and Support on Amourfeel

Amourfeel has excellent customer care service available at any time of the day. The site has provided people looking for love with more than one way to communicate with them. However, most users prefer phone support and emails to raise concerns and queries. 

The messages and calls are usually responded to instantly, and if there is a problem, it is resolved within no time. With Amourfeel, one does not need to worry about getting stuck when using their site. Help is usually one call or email away.

AmourFeel do you like

Canceling or Pausing an Amourfeel Subscription

Probably you have found your soulmate on Amourfeel and want to cancel or pause your subscription for a while, or maybe you want to take a break from online dating, so what do you do? Well, worry not because Amourfeel has got you covered. The site allows users to cancel their subscription whenever they wish to and reconnect whenever they’d love to. Alternatively, the site allows users to pause their subscriptions for a while.

Amourfeel offers most of the dating services other companies offer, such as matchmaking. They also offer live streaming where users can video call each other and get to know each other well. The following are some alternative sites you can check out:


Is Amourfeel worth it?

Amourfeel is definitely worth your time and money. The site has proved reliable in providing people with legit Slavic women for dating. The site also has many active members who are continuously interacting hence increasing the chances of one meeting with a partner.

Is Amourfeel safe and Legit?

Yes. A review on the Amourfeel dating site showed that everything on the site is legal. This safety is because of the security measures they have put in place to ensure that the site users do not fall prey to scammers and con artists. It is done through their extensive registration process that takes important details of users.

Is Amourfeel free?

There is a free plan for Amourfeel on their site. The plan is one to go for as it has many key features available compared to other dating sites. Features such as winking and adding to favorites are part of the free plan offered on the site. Other features are such like searching and browsing profiles. The Amourfeel cost is inexpensive than many other sites.

Is Amourfeel a real dating site?

Amourfeel is not a scam? It is a real dating site dedicated to connecting men to many Slavic women and Eastern European women. Apart from that, the site also has members from all over the world who come in search of love online. Therefore, it is a site you can rely on when searching for a lover.

Does Amourfeel contain bots?

Bots do not mar this site and other computer-generated users. The profiles are passed through a thorough identity verification process where they provide details of who they are and what they want. In addition, the site audits accounts to identify bots that may have entered their system.

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