Swedish Women: Pros And Cons Of Dating

Today there are a considerable number of men who cannot find love in their native country. As a result, the thought occurs to them that perhaps a soul mate lives on the other side of the globe. Dating Swedish girls is a good solution for those who value comfort, tranquility, intelligence, and natural beauty.

Number of Single Women1 million
Best CitiesStockholmGothenburgMalmö
Dating Apps/Sites UsersTinderBadooOkCupid
Average Dating Time Before Marriage2 years
Marriage Success Rate47%

Dating A Swedish Woman As A Foreign Man: What To Know Before

Sweden is a beautiful Scandinavian country in northern Europe. It has a developed economy, so many women looking for American men do not seek to improve their financial situation but are looking for love and a serious relationship.

Many Swedish single ladies can’t get used to the cold, stormy weather in the region, so they tend to move to areas with milder climates, such as the southern United States.

dating swedish women

Why are Swedish women so beautiful? There is an opinion that the Vikings in ancient times raided neighboring regions and brought the most beautiful women, which greatly influenced the gene pool. Swedish girls are characterized by the following:

You can quickly date Swedish women who are into sports. It helps them maintain their beauty and prolongs their life.

There is an opinion that many Swedish girlfriends experience depression, but this is outdated information. Indeed, the number of suicides in the 80s of the last century was extremely high. However, the country’s government has determined that a large number of depressions are associated with a lack of vitamin D because the number of sunny days in the region is minimal. So, they began distributing particular medicines for free, which made it possible to entirely correct this situation. The happiest people live here by the standards of many analytical platforms.

Facts About Swedish Women

Let’s examine a few popular stereotypes to understand the Swedish woman better.

All Swedish Women Are Blonde

Indeed, there are a lot of blondes among Swedish ladies, but if you walk around Stockholm, you will see that the number of blondes here is no more than in other European cities. It is mainly because a considerable number of immigrants come to the country, which significantly affects the nation’s gene pool as a whole.

All Swedish Women Are Tall

It is partly true. The average height of girls here is 65 inches, while in the US, it is 63 inches.

Swiss Girls Are Emancipated

Yes, many Swedish ladies favor full equality, which is generally confirmed by the fact that 46% of parliamentarians are women.

A Swedish girlfriend strives to be independent of her man, so she seeks to achieve great success in her career.

Swedish gf

Swedish Dating Culture

Swedish singles don’t tend to get married too early. At the age of 20-30, they usually meet with men for fun and good times, as they strive to achieve more in their careers so that they do not depend on their man for anything. However, girls over 30 are already in a serious relationships. If they meet a foreigner, then they will not hesitate to move to their country, since love is above all for them.

Many women from this country prefer older men. They believe that intelligence is very sexy, so they do not mind meeting men who are 10 years older.

If you want a Swedish girl dating, you need to be prepared that dating here is practically no different from American ones. At first glance, the inhabitants of this country lead a very calm and measured lifestyle, but this is only until the evening comes when numerous clubs open.

Swedish women dating is easiest to organize in some noisy stylish place where music plays and everyone dances. In this case, you can quickly get a one-night stand.

But, if you want to unravel her soul and start a serious relationship, dating Swedish women is best organized in small but cozy cafes, exhibitions, or theaters. It will help you better understand the girl’s hobbies, communicate in a relaxed atmosphere and have a good time.

How often does a girlfriend from Sweden visit dating sites? As in many other European countries, many women looking for love use various platforms, which helps them to get to know an exciting man faster and easier.

In general, dating in Sweden can bring you many pleasant experiences and a good mood. Swedish gf is lovely, bright, and incredibly beautiful.

If you meet your love, but she lives in another country, then this is not a reason to abandon this relationship. Sweden is part of the EU, so obtaining visas and citizenship in the United States will not be difficult. You can easily go to visit each other, and when you realize that you cannot live without each other, the girl can easily move to the United States.

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Success Stories Of Dating Swedish Women

Success Story #1 Image
Anna & David CupiDates logo
Anna, a vivacious woman from Warsaw, Poland, met David, a charming man from London, on an international dating app. Despite the distance, they found common ground in their love for art and culture. Months of online conversations led to a meeting in person. Today, they are happily married, living in London, and co-own an art gallery.
Success Story #2 Image
Lena & John TheLuckyDate CIS logo
Lena, a fashion designer from Milan, Italy, decided to try online dating after her friends encouraged her. She matched with John, a software engineer from San Francisco. They bonded over their shared love for art and Italian cuisine. After months of video calls and messages, John flew to Milan to meet Lena. The chemistry was undeniable. Today, they are happily married and live in San Francisco but spend a few months each year in Milan.
Success Story #3 Image
Elena & Tom SofiaDate logo
Tom, a divorced father from Texas, was skeptical about online dating. On a whim, he signed up for a Slavic dating site and connected with Elena, a single mother from Belarus. They bonded over their shared experiences as single parents and their love for cooking. Elena’s resilience and kindness won Tom's heart, and they're now engaged.
Success Story #4 Image
Mila & Sam DateYourGirl logo
Mila, a passionate photographer from Ukraine, met Sam, an Australian travel blogger, on a Slavic dating site. Their mutual love for travel brought them together. After months of online communication, Sam visited Ukraine. They're now exploring the world together, documenting their experiences.

Tips To Date Swedish Women Successfully

If you want Swedish women online dating to be successful, you need to follow pretty simple rules:

If you want a serious relationship with Swedish woman, you must be as honest and open as possible. If your lies are revealed in the future, this will lead to a loss of trust, and it will be challenging to return them.

Swedish females are very fond of intelligent and well-read men. If you can show off your intellect and at the same time not be boring, then you will be able to win the heart of beauty.

Swedish Girlfriend As A Wife: What To Expect?

Dating a Swedish woman, you can be sure she will become an excellent wife and mother to your children.

Swedish wives are perfect partners for their men and ideal lovers. They are very attentive and caring. However, you need to respond in kind.

If you date a Swedish girl, you must understand that she will not be just a housewife or a nanny for children. You will most likely have to share all the duties for two or hire a housekeeper.

However, Swedish ladies make good mothers. They love to care for babies and pay more attention to their education and overall development. Feminine will instill in them a love of reading and painting.

When dating women from Sweden, you can be sure that this relationship will be very happy and long-lasting. These girls strive to take care of their families and be ideal partners for their husbands in life and business.

Dating Swedish girl you can be completely sure of her fidelity. Despite the fact that many men pay attention to them, girls never respond to their courtship if they are in a relationship with another man.

Swedish single ladies

Success Stories Of Dating Swedish Girls in the USA

  1. I felt lonely for a long time, and somehow I met a student from Sweden in a cafe. Her beauty and charm struck me, so I could not resist and meet her. We already live together, and I think it will be for a long time.
  2. My friend persuaded me to register on a dating site, and this was the best advice he could give me. I met a gorgeous and intelligent girl from Sweden who just captivated me. I fell in love, maybe for the first time in my life, and I hope she feels the same way about me.
  3. Recently, my brother married a woman from Sweden, and they are absolutely happy. Soon they will have a second child, and I’m dying of envy. I hope to meet a wonderful woman from this country someday.
  4. Previously, relationships with women did not go well with me. Once a friend introduced me to an incredibly sweet Swedish woman, and I immediately fell in love. Now we have a strong family. I used to have a negative attitude towards international marriage, but now I understand that this is the best thing that happened to me.

Swedish Ladies Like In Relationships: Pros And Cons

Dating Swedish ladies have a lot of benefits. Among the most important, we can highlight the following:

However, such a relationship may have several disadvantages. So, many men do not like to share household chores for two, as it is very tiring. In addition, many Americans feel that the Swedes are too slow.

Swedish single ladies


Dating a Swedish girl is an excellent solution for men who primarily dream of tranquility. They are beautiful, cute, and very smart. You will always have something to talk about or be silent about with them. Swedish ladies become ideal wives; they always support their men and strive to create comfort.


Do Swedish People Speak English?

Yes, even though the national language in the country is Swiss, many girls here speak English well. In addition, many TV channels in the region broadcast in English with subtitles.

Do Swedish Girls Prefer Older Men?

Yes, Swedish brides consider intelligence sexy, which is why many prefer older men.

Are Swedish Girls Caring?

Yes, they are very caring and attentive, especially to the people they love.

How Can I Meet A Swedish Woman?

You can meet Swedish girlfriends on dating sites while traveling to a European country and to the USA, as many Swedes live here.

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