How To Find Italian Brides in 2024?

Italian women give romance and beauty to their chosen ones. Italian girls differ from representatives of other countries in that they are beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside. In addition, they have innate femininity and passion. Single women from Italy are very open, honest, and emotional. But despite this, they know how to restrain themselves and not develop a conflict. Italian females are reliable partners. Before proceeding to the search for an Italian bride by mail, you should familiarize yourself in detail with all the intricacies of this process.

Best Cities to Find a Bride: Milan, Roma, Rome, Naples
Average Bride Age:33 years old
Italian Mail Order Bride Costs: from 5000 to 15000 dollars
Marriage Success Rate:80%
Divorce Rate:10% for female, 5% for male

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Characteristics Of Italian Brides

Many foreign men dream of a beautiful and sexy Italian girl. Their desire is fully justified because such an amazing combination of beauty and intelligence is rare to find. Italian bride from Italy are good life companions due to their characteristics:

Italian Brides

Italian girls are a good Italian women for marriage because Italian women combine all the necessary qualities to become ideal wives. Having met such a girl, you can be sure that a bright and at the same time calm family life awaits you.

Italian Mail Order Brides Profiles 💦

Victoria 31 y.o.
Oslo, Norway
Skiing, Nordic folklore dancing
Janna 40 y.o.
Milan, Italy
Painting, Wine tasting
Anna 39 y.o.
Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Alexa 24 y.o.
Berlin, Germany
Reading historical novels, Playing the piano
Mary 29 y.o.
Moscow, Russia
Photography, Yoga
Vlada 28 y.o.
Barcelona, Spain
Flamenco dancing, Cooking traditional Spanish dishes

Main Reasons Why Do Italian Women Become Mail Order Brides

Italian women looking for love to surround a man with care and love. Often, girls fail to find a suitable companion in their country, and they go to sites where they want to meet a foreign man in the hope that he will give them happiness.

The advantage of online dating with single women is that you can get to know an Italian woman better before the real meeting. Almost every girl has a goal of finding a man to build a family, but in general, Italian women become mail-order brides for a variety of reasons:

These reasons are the main ones for Italian women to decide to become mail-order brides. Despite this, every girl has the main goal – to build a strong family and give birth to a child of her chosen one.

Watch the video to learn more about Italian brides dating:

Qualities an Italian Bride Wants to See in a Foreign Man

Italian girls are most often dissatisfied with the attitude of men in their country. Since childhood, many have set themselves the goal of marrying a foreigner, but after a while, they realize that this requires a lot of communication with different men. All girls want to see in a foreign man such qualities as:

Italian wives are very active and always want to see the same man next to them. In addition, kindness and intelligence are very important to them, because they believe that Italian men are too quick-tempered and rude. If you have a goal to meet and build a family with a girl from Italy, understand that you have all these qualities in yourself and only after that start communication.

Interview with European Mail Order Bride 🔥

Hi Sofia! What led you to consider being a bride through international connections?

Hello! Life's an adventure, and I wanted to find someone who appreciates the diverse landscapes of Germany while bringing their own colors to the canvas.

Great analogy! Any surprises or challenges on this adventure?

Language barriers were initially like solving a puzzle, but it's a fascinating journey of communication and connection. Cultural differences are like the varied chapters of a novel; each one unfolds uniquely.

Interesting comparison! What qualities are you looking for in a potential partner?

Open-mindedness, a passion for exploration, and a good sense of humor. Life's a story, and I want a co-author to write the next chapters.

And the big question – would you be willing to relocate for love?

Certainly! Love is a journey, and if it takes me to a place where I can build a harmonious life with someone special, I'm ready for the adventure.

Are Italian Women Good as Wives?

For many men, online communication is incomprehensible and strange. Often they doubt the honesty of girls and think about how good wives they can be. Italian wife begin communication to find a life partner and prepare in advance for the fact that they will find a husband.

Italian ladies are very good wives because they know how to listen, they know how to smooth out conflicts despite their temper, they love to cook deliciously, they are caring, and they are very clean.

All these characteristics indicate that Italian singles are wonderful wives and life partners with whom you will always have something to talk about, and your table will be filled with delicious dishes from a faithful wife.

Italian Women

Places To Find Italian Brides

Many foreign men do not understand how and where you can meet Italian Italian girls for marriage. Everything is very simple, thanks to modern technology and the Internet, a man can communicate with a girl by mail and later meet her in life. There are two options for finding exemplary girls.

Through the Internet

The easiest and most common place where you can meet Italian brides is the Internet. Here you can find the girl of your dreams by searching based on your personal preferences. Thanks to dating sites, foreign men have the opportunity to find a bride in a matter of minutes and invite her to a date in their country for further communication.

The internet is a great option to find Italian wife because it doesn’t take much effort. After talking online for several days, you will be able to understand how it suits you and then choose another meeting option. Italian girls do not like instant date invitations and marriage proposals, initially, they prefer to chat with a man and only then go on a real date.


To personally meet an Italian girl for marriage, there are several options. To get started, you can look at what institutions are in her city and get acquainted with each of them. A man must understand that to find a girl and meet her personally, you need to talk for a while and only then call her on a date.

You can choose the meeting place after you have learned all the necessary information about the bride and navigated in her city. Face-to-face meetings are excellent indicators of women’s intentions, so going on just one live date will help you understand what she wants from you.

Buy Italian wife
Olena Petrov photo
Olena Petrov photo
Olena Petrov photo
Olena Petrov
Age 26
Occupation Teacher
Religion Veterinarian
Hobbies Painting, Reading
English level Advanced
Weight 52
Height 162
About me Olena is an educated and artistic woman who finds joy in imparting knowledge. Her interest in the arts and literature makes her a thoughtful and imaginative companion. Olena is looking for a partner who appreciates intellectual conversations and shares a love for cultural pursuits.
Elena photo
Elena photo
Elena photo
Age 27
Occupation Nurse
Religion Veterinarian
Hobbies Tennis, Photo
English level Intermediate
Weight 60
Height 171
About me Elena is a thoughtful and articulate journalist who finds joy in the written word. Her love for classic Russian literature is only rivaled by her skill on the ice, where she enjoys the grace of figure skating. Elena is looking for a partner who values intellectual conversations, appreciates culture, and dreams of a life filled
Age 31
Occupation Environmental Scientist
Religion Secular
Hobbies Hiking, Sustainable Living
English level Fluent
Weight 66
Height 167
About me Sofia is a dedicated environmental scientist who is passionate about sustainable living. Her weekends are often spent hiking in the picturesque Swedish landscapes. Sofia is looking for a partner who shares her commitment to a green lifestyle, values nature, and is ready to build a life together grounded in shared principles and love for the planet.

Are They Easy To Integrate into Foreign Society? 

Italians are one of the most sociable girls, they quickly join new companies of people and know how to find a common language with people. Thanks to their incredible beauty and intelligence, Italian single women can interest the interlocutor and continue the conversation throughout the evening.

Italian mail order wives have the main goal of finding a foreign husband, and this means that they are ready to join the foreign society. Italian women are still those adventurers, and for them, such an experience will not be stressful. For girls, it is important that a beloved man is there and can support them in difficult moments, foreign society does not scare them.

Success Stories Of Italian Mail Order Brides in USA

A lot of men from the USA married Italian girls. Most of them are overjoyed and happy that they made this choice. Divorces with such girls also happen, but very rarely and for various reasons. We got acquainted with the stories about the real experience of Italian female’s relationships with men from the USA.

A man named Carl met his fiancee back in 2018. From the very beginning of communication for an Italian women, he liked the beauty and sincerity of the Italian. After several days of communication by mail, he decided to come to her city to chat and was delighted! They immediately fell in love with each other and became a happily married couple. Now they have two beautiful children and a big house.

Another story about meeting an Italian girl says that the man wanted to meet your love and at first thought that he was talking to a fake person because he could not believe that such girls exist. After the first meeting, he was surprised because he saw how perfect the lady was. A few months later, he invited her to become his wife, and she agreed. Now they have moved to his country and are planning to have a baby.

A man named John shared his relationship history with a girl and said that he had never met such a caring, kind, passionate, and economical woman before. In addition to the fact that she cooks deliciously, she is a truly faithful friend and a good lover. Having met a girl, he stopped paying attention to all the girls from the USA, because her femininity and beauty have no equal.

Author Conclusion on Italian Brides

Italian mail order wife are excellent life partners and lovers. All the characteristics indicate that Italians can not only please with their beauty but also easily support any topic of conversation and feed them deliciously. Every lonely man who meets a bride receives a real gift of fate because Italian girls are bright and kind life partners who will give love.

Our conclusion about the Italian brides is that girls can make great wives because of their values ​​and goals. First of all, they come to find a husband and build a happy family.

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How much does an Italian bride cost?

The cost of a wife’s mail order depends on what is included, such as visas, gifts, and travel and accommodation expenses will cost approximately $2,500. But the cost depends on different circumstances, some may spend $1,000 and others $15,000 because they like to give gifts and are willing to travel all over the world to meet them.

Is mail ordering a bride legal? 

Yes, all actions are legal and do not violate any human rights. Buy Italian wife is not human trafficking and has only positive consequences. Lovers decide what they will do by mutual agreement.

What is the best Italian mail order bride site?

The best bride from Italy can be found on the MERRY ROMANTIC website, which brings together the best girls who dream of building a serious relationship with a foreign man. Here most of the users are feminine.

Do Italian brides speak English?

Approximately 80% of Italian women speak English, so you shouldn’t have any problems communicating. Italian girls are very smart and know many languages, so communication with them will be easy and wonderful.

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