JollyRomance Review – Is it Good For Meeting Eastern European Singles?

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Some people get lucky, and they quickly meet the love of their life. However, it’s not always as easy for the majority of us. In some cases, we have to seek partners actively. In other cases, even an active search fails us. That’s when we turn to online dating since we can use filters to find the right individuals to date. It saves time and effort. Moreover, we don’t get disappointed after a long search. In this article we will talk about how to get free credits on Jollyromance.

However, Is JollyRomance worth it? Keep reading the article to find out. This short and comprehensive guide covers all details of dating on the platform. You will learn about payment methods, JollyRomance features, profiles, people using the website, etc.

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Jollyromance Women Dating Profiles

Nika 28 y.o.
Ksenia 26 y.o.
Johanna 31 y.o.

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JollyRomance people


JollyRomance features

Registration Process

So, is JollyRomance a good dating site? In terms of the registration process, yes, it is. JollyRomance doesn’t have a sign-up procedure where you can use a Facebook or Google profile. However, it’s still a simple process. Once you click on the website, you will see the application form. Fill it out and click “continue.” 

JollyRomance registration

Once you have an account, you are free to browse the website to view other users’ profiles. If you want to attract the attention of women using JollyRomance, create a quality account. These three simple tips should help you meet a date:

These simple details help attract women who are interested in serious relationships. Moreover, the truth about JollyRomance is that it will automatically filter all pending profiles. You will see profiles belonging to women with similar interests and hobbies and who suit your preferences and tastes. 

JollyRomance create account

Searching Features

The review proves that the website has a standard search for dating websites. There is a quick search feature to hook up people with compatible individuals quickly. Quick search is used by people who want to test their luck.

JollyRomance search

If a user wants to be more precise, they can click on the advanced search. The advanced search has several filters to help navigate through thousands of profiles. Choose qualities you value in women and find the right lady. We recommend read other our article – European girls vs American Girls.

JollyRomance Users Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Carson and Ekaterina JollyRomance logo
Carson and Ekaterina met on the online dating site JollyRomance one year ago. When Carson first saw Ekaterina's profile picture he was instantly smitten. He was intrigued by her beautiful blue eyes and kind smile, so he sent her a message asking if she wanted to chat more. To his surprise, she said yes! The two quickly grew close over the course of their conversations, eventually deciding that they should meet up in person. After only a few weeks of talking, Carson booked himself a flight from London to Moscow where Ekaterina lived for an unforgettable week-long visit full of sightseeing and romantic dinners together. By the end of the trip all doubts about whether or not this relationship would work out had vanished - these two were meant for each other!
Success Story #2 Image
Tripp and Ivanka JollyRomance logo
Tripp and Ivanka had been searching for love for years, with little success. So when Tripp stumbled upon JollyRomance, he decided to give it a shot. He quickly found himself scrolling through dozens of profiles until finally settling on one that caught his eye: Ivanka. Though hesitant at first, Tripp eventually worked up the courage to send her a message introducing himself and asking if she'd like to chat further over video call. To his surprise, Ivanka responded positively and they scheduled their first virtual date shortly thereafter. The two instantly hit it off during their conversation. After months of talking online, they decided to meet in person at last! It didn't take long before they fell head-over-heels in love with each other and within just a few short weeks after meeting face-to-face chose to make things official by getting engaged!

Free Vs. Paid Version

So, how does JollyRomance work? Some of JollyRomance’s features are free of charge, so users can test the website. Moreover, the dating site offers a free trial period. The idea is that users receive twenty credits and can use the currency to check out premium features.

These features are free of charge:

JollyRomance profile

Once you create an account, profiles and photos within these profiles are visible. Users don’t have to pay extra or pass verification. But as you see, you can’t contact anyone since it’s a paid feature. Messaging someone or entering a public chat costs credits. Other paid features include:

Almost every useful feature on the JollyRomance website costs money. If you want to chat with girls or send gifts to your favorite ladies on JollyRomance, you have to pay credits. For instance, one minute spent on live chat costs two credits, one email costs thirty credits, and a request to meet a beautiful woman in real life costs 625 credits. 

JollyRomance offers many other communication tools and features, for example, private chatting or sending winks, all of which are paid. As you see, these services can get quite expensive, so use credits wisely.

Get Free Credits from JollyRomance

20 Credits
80 Credits
100 Credits
JollyRomance choose girls

Find Out The Price of JollyRomance

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Profile Quality

So, is JollyRomance any good? Yes, one distinguishing factor which makes JollyRomance stand out is the profile quality. The site manages to balance between two extremes: too many details and too little information. Luckily, JollyRomance profiles are detailed but not as to overwhelm people.

Most JollyRomance profiles contain the most important data related to dating preferences. The standard profile includes tastes, views, hobbies, preferences, intentions, etc. And the good news is that the site allows you to add a ton of photos. JollyRomance is like a social network, but better! 

JollyRomance chat

Mobile Application

This JollyRomance review of the website shows that the company which owns the site still didn’t release a mobile app. On the bright side, JollyRomance has a modern interface, so it adjusts to any screen. Regardless of the device you use, it will be easy to use the dating platform. 

Safety & Security

The JollyRomance dating website review shows that the site has several protection measures. The first thing people notice is the safe connection to the internet due to the SSL certificate. It means it’s safe to pay for services since your data is protected.

JollyRomance also claims they have anti-hackers software to ensure data safety. Moreover, moderators regularly check members’ requests if they spot suspicious activity. The website also has an anti-scam policy to keep everyone safe. 

Help & Support

JollyRomance has an FAQ section with the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t know how to use the site or what services it offers to users, consider starting your journey from this section. If you still have questions related to payment methods or other factors, contact the support team. The team members are polite and often contact people back within a few hours after sending a request. 

JollyRomance members

Before we dive into details of answering the question “is JollyRomance worth paying for?” let’s see what alternative sites you can use. Men and women often prefer using several dating sites since that’s how they increase the pool of dating choices. JollyRomance is a website where you can have fun and flirt, but you can also meet love. So, you might need two lists of alternative sites — one list for serious dating apps, and the second one for sites that offer flings.


Is JollyRomance Safe?

Yes, the website has all the necessary precautions to ensure user safety. Visit the site and check the field with the link. It has a lock icon. It means the site has a safe connection to the internet. When you pay to buy credits, your data is safe. JollyRomance also uses standard safety measures like an anti-scam policy, anti-hacker and antivirus software, etc.

Is the JollyRomance site Full of Bots?

No, and at least two major factors explain why bots are a rare occasion on JollyRomance. The website is paid, so most scammers and bot users avoid the platform. The second reason is the anti-scam policy. Moderators quickly block people who use third-party software or try to scam members of the dating community. However, don't post sensitive information like credit card numbers or social security details.

How to Use JollyRomance?

This review on the JollyRomance dating site proves users need an account to check other members' profiles. So, create an account first. New members don't have to add their phone numbers, only an email address. Verify your new account by clicking on the link from the email. Then complete your profile by adding valuable data and photos. Use search filters to spot beautiful women who meet your preferences.

Our Final Jollyromance Verdict

Overall Score
Profiles Quality
10 of 10
6 of 10
Sign Up Process
9 of 10
7 of 10
10 of 10
10 of 10

Better than Jollyromance

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