Benefits Of Marrying A Croatian Woman

When they cannot find love in their homeland, many American men begin to pay attention to European women. The fundamental values ​​and standard of living in the EU and the US are about the same. If you think about marrying a Croatian woman, you can be sure you may get an excellent partner who always supports you in everything.

How To Marry A Croatian Woman?

Many today are wondering how to marry a Croatian woman? Answering this question, it is necessary to discuss where you can get acquainted with the Croatian mail order bride.

The most accessible and most understandable way to meet a Croatian woman is to register on numerous dating sites. Many Croatian girls dream of an international marriage. It should be understood that Croatian brides tend to marry a foreigner not to improve their social position but to integrate into another culture or find love. More women in Croatia than men, so meeting your soul mate becomes much more difficult.

Dating sites have created favorable conditions for finding love with Croatian girls. You can specify what requirements you put forward for Croatian women for marriage. Among the most important criteria are:

Another way to get to know Croatian singles is to visit this wonderful country as a tourist. You can come here without a visa. The most suitable city is Zagreb, the capital of the country. It is an important tourist center with an excellent infrastructure where you can have a good time in a cafe or a nightclub. Croatian girls looking for husband like to drink alcohol in pubs. Do not try to outdrink a Croatian woman, and she will drink more. At the same time, after all the alcohol is drunk, it does not become more accessible.

Another way to meet Croatian girls for marriage is directly in the USA. The fact is that many Croatian brides have already managed to move on a green card or work visa, so there is a chance to meet a beautiful Croatian bride in their homeland.

Marrying A Croatian Woman

Wedding Traditions In Croatia

Croatian ladies for marriage prefer to organize weddings in European and American traditions. It is also a Catholic country, so the main ceremony takes place in much the same way.

However, some marriage ceremonies with Croatian women may make small traditional changes. The presence of a large amount of fish and seafood, according to local beliefs, leads to the health of future children, and the presence of chicken, on the contrary, can lead to divorce.

Many American men find these wedding traditions endearing and often don’t mind the change.

You may organize a marriage ceremony with a Croatian girl in any country in the world. You can choose an organization with a marriage license to organize your wedding in a paradise on our planet.

Croatian Women As Wives: Are They Good?

A Croatian woman to marry can be a wonderful wife. The main feature of Croatian brides is that they know how to take care of themselves and those around them. If you get sick, she wraps you in a blanket, prepares the most delicious broth, and will not leave you for a minute.

Croatian women are also great partners. She never tires of supporting her spouse, no matter how successful he is. So, if you fail in business, you will get a lot of support from your Croatian wife.

Another clear argument favoring to marry a Croatian girl is their love for children. They give their all to pay more attention and patience to their children, which cannot but give positive results.

As far as thriftiness is concerned, it all depends on upbringing. Of course, Croatian brides do everything to take care of their family, but you should not be too demanding about cleanliness.

Croatian women will not give up a career in favor of a family, but they do everything to find the perfect balance. She is unlikely to stay late after work or take many extra hours, but if she spends more time cleaning and washing, she will not have enough time to communicate with her husband and children, play sports or have a hobby.

We can confidently say Croatian brides may become ideal wives because they love and know how to take care of their relatives.

Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Croatian Girl

If you want to marry a Croatian bride, you need to compare the pros and cons. To make it easier, we have created a small table.

Incredible beautyToo fond of adventure
Lots of care and warmthTied to their family
Same religionLanguage difference
Same values 
Ability to find a compromise 
Love children 

If you marry a Croatian bride, you must understand that you spend every vacation in Croatia visiting her family. On the one hand, this is not bad, because this is a beautiful country with access to the sea. So, you are able to easily combine a pleasant pastime on the beach and communication with relatives.

It is worth saying that family traditions here may differ slightly. The fact is that many families equate their daughter’s husband with their son and may even ask you to call them “mama i tata.” It means that they like you and she is happy for her daughter.

As for the love of adventure, there will be no problems if you also love adventure and extreme sports. Croatian girls are pretty active, so there is a need to find a hobby not to lose their hearts constantly.

For most interethnic marriages, language issues are not too acute. If desired, everyone may learn the native language of their soulmate. Usually, it doesn’t take much time. Sometimes it is very interesting to watch how the husband speaks the language of the Croatian wife, and she speaks English.

Croatian Women

Marriage And Divorce Rate In Croatia

Croatian brides do not aspire to get married at an early age. The average dima age has been 28 years in the past few years. It is because people strive to find the perfect person and achieve a lot in their careers so that children may not deny themselves anything.

In Croatia, a relatively small number of dima are registered. Croatian women try to do everything to save the family, to find possible compromises. It is very well displayed by the table where statistics are created for several countries (in 2018):

The countryDivorce rate per 100 marriages

No one may say after marrying a Croatian bride, you will find a family that will 100% exist until your old age, but the fact is that women from this country try to do everything to make their husband and children as happy as possible.

In no case should you offend Croatian women. They know how to stand up for themselves and achieve justice. They are able to find a compromise as long as the husband does not cross the red line. After this, there will be no way back to family reunification.


If you are tired of loneliness and want to start a family with a man who will not yield to you in terms of intelligence, income, and love of adventure, then a Croatian woman is the perfect solution. Indeed, living with her will be filled with bright colors, love, and care for you. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that a person from another country takes more time to assimilate into a new environment.


Why Are Croatian Women So Beautiful?

Croatian women know well how to please and charm a man. They know their worth, so they give the impression of being one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Where Can You Meet Croatian Women?

There are three main ways to meet Croatian brides: on dating sites, during a trip to this country, or directly in the USA.

Can I Marry A Croatian Bride?

Yes, you may quickly marry a Croatian bride. Documents for moving will not be a big problem.

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