Marry A Polish Woman – Pros and Cons About Marrying a Woman From Poland

Many people think that the most beautiful girls are Slavs. It is not surprising because they have a gorgeous appearance, rounded shapes, and a sincere smile. Marrying a Polish woman is the perfect solution if you want to live with a bright, beautiful, independent, but very caring girl.

How To Marry A Polish Woman?

Answering this question, discussing two important points is necessary to discuss two critical topics: where you can meet a Polish girl and how the marriage ceremony goes.

Where To Meet Polish Brides?

If you decide to marry a Polish woman, you have two options: travel to this beautiful country or register on numerous dating sites.

Trip To Poland

Poland is a big beautiful country in the center of Europe. US residents may enter here for 90 days without a visa. It is pretty enough to get to know Polish women, to appreciate their attractiveness and kindness.

Most often, future spouses come to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. But you can also tag:

These are large tourist cities with all the necessary infrastructure for a pleasant pastime with Polish women.

You may meet a girl in numerous cafes or clubs where beautiful Polish ladies for marriage come. There is always a fantastic atmosphere here, and Polish women are laughing and dancing.

Dating Websites

If you do not want to go to Poland blindly, you can register on dating sites for international marriages. Today, there are many of them, and everyone may choose the most suitable option. Thousands of Polish women have been registered here.

Here you may fill in a filter that will allow you to highlight the Polish girls you might like immediately. Then you can chat with them or call them via video chat.

You may agree on who will come to visit whom in the future. You can invite a Polish bride to be your guest.

Marrying A Polish Woman

How Does The Marriage Ceremony Take Place?

Poland is a Catholic country, so the ceremony for marriage here is not much different from that which operates in the United States. You can arrange a relationship with a Polish bride both in Poland and in your homeland, or even make two weddings at once for members of each family separately.

If you want to enter into a civil marriage, you have to contact the Civil Registry Office (USC) and register such applications. You need to prepare documents in advance and translate them into another language.

According to church rules, you need to go through a wedding ceremony if you want to marry a Polish girl. To do this, you need to come to the church with a Polish bride, talk with the priest, and if he gives a blessing, then you may choose the most suitable date. A church marriage is recognized and recorded by USC, but you need to provide the priest with the same set of documents + a baptismal certificate.

If you decide to marry a Polish bride abroad, you need to contact the consulate. It has a marriage license, so it may register your desire to be married. This service is costly compared to previous options, and the procedure for processing documents takes up to 2 months.

After all legal issues are resolved, there is usually a big party where all the family and friends gather. Usually, a large hall decorated with flowers is rented, and many goodies and alcohol are placed on the table. Cheerful music plays all evening, and everyone has fun and enjoys this celebration of love.

One of the obligatory elements of the wedding is the first dance of the Polish bride and groom. Someone dances as best they can, and someone takes lessons from professionals. It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend preparing the ceremony.

Polish Women As Wives: Are They Good?

Polish girls looking for husband are an excellent choice. They are incredibly kind, economical, and loving. The main advantage of Polish mail order bride is that they are ready to compromise, take into account the opinion of their soul mates and strive to do everything to save the family.

It is worth noting that, unlike women from developing countries, Polish brides will not sacrifice their careers and interests in favor of a man. Still, they will try to build their goals and desires, taking into account family values.

Polish girl for marriage tries to build their lives to have enough time for a career and a husband with children. They are excellent at it.

Polish singles are very fond of children. It is not customary to have more than two children here, but the younger family members give a tremendous amount of love and attention, but when necessary, they can be strict. Many men are even jealous of Polish women for children, but it becomes clear that such an upbringing allows children to grow happier and more self-sufficient.

A wife knows how to cook well. Her cookbook contains many traditional dishes from Poland and more familiar American dishes.

Polish woman is kindIt is extremely difficult to achieve the location of such a woman.
Responsiveness and ability to achieve compressesPolish bride is unlikely to agree to be a housewife (many men equate this with an advantage)
Love childrenPolish woman does not seek to have children at an early age
Similarity in religious views 
Maintaining a Western lifestyle 
Polish bride is very beautiful 

Many American men consider Polish brides too independent, so it is challenging to achieve them. Polish girls for marriage are looking for an ideal partner and do not throw themselves on the neck of the first man who comes across. If you show a little patience and eradicate the desire to know the inner world of a Polish bride, then you can easily charm her.

Polish women for marriage want to give their child the best, so she strives to achieve more in their career before starting a family. This approach is observed in all Western countries, but sometimes there are problems that Polish women begin to have various issues with becoming pregnant and bearing a child simply because of their age. If there is no medical way to solve such a problem, the family usually takes the child from the orphanage. Here it is a pretty standard practice that society strongly welcomes. Of course, every Polish girl dreams of her children, but if they can’t give birth on their own, they become ideal mothers for adoptive parents.

Polish Women

Marriage And Divorce Rate In Poland

Polish woman to marry do not want to get married too soon. If in 1993 the dima in the country remains relatively low – an average of 1.7 per 1,000 inhabitants. It is worth noting that the number of divorces in urban and rural areas is different. Traditionally, people get divorced more often in cities.

Let’s dima the number of divorces per 100 marriages in Poland and other European countries:

CountryDivorce Rate
The United Kingdom41,2

As you can see, the divorce rate in Poland is significantly lower than in most European countries. It is mainly because Polish brides are extraordinarily kind and understanding. They are ready to put up with their husband’s shortcomings and incredibly love their children. Polish women love their family and strive to make it happy.


If you want to start a strong family with a beautiful bride, you need to get acquainted with a Polish woman. Girls here are distinguished by kindness, charm, and love, but at the same time, they have sharp minds and are ready to combine career and family.


Can I Marry A Polish Bride?

Yes, you can get married in her country and your country. The paperwork process will be about the same.

Why Are Polish Girls So Beautiful?

Polish girls know how to appreciate themselves and dress beautifully. They captivate men with their intelligence, independence, and gorgeous radiant smile.

How Many Children Do Polish Women Want?

They love children very much, so two children in a family are considered the ideal solution. They will give them maximum love and care.

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