Marriage With A Russian Woman: Pros And Cons Of Marrying a Woman From Russia

Many American men consider Slav women the most beautiful. Marrying a Russian woman is the dream of many men who want to build a strong family and get love and trust. It should be understood that mentally these two countries can be very different; hence minor problems may arise. But, Russian brides will do everything to make your relationship as long and happy as possible.

How To Marry A Russian Woman?

If you want to marry a Russian woman, you have several options where you can meet her. The first and easiest way is to register on a dating site for international marriage. Many Russian brides who want to change their lives are registered here every year.

Numerous dating sites create different conditions for dating Russian women. There are excellent filters here that allow you to select Russian brides according to the following criteria:

Here everyone can find a Russian bride who will suit him 100%.

Another opportunity to meet a Russian bride is to visit various Russian-speaking areas in the US. The United States is home to many Russian ladies for marriage. Wanting to get away from problems within their own country, many people went to Western countries and successfully assimilated here. It is worth noting that most marriages between an American groom and a Russian bride are concluded after receiving a green card. It allows you to simplify the process of paperwork as much as possible.

If you cannot meet the perfect Russian girls for marriage in your country, you can go to her home. You need to apply for a tourist visa. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money. It is the most challenging path, but it allows you to understand the realities in which Russian women live.

It should be understood that life in Moscow and St. Petersburg is very different from life in remote regions of the country. In the first case, Russian girls looking for husband have more money to buy beautiful clothes and high-quality cosmetics, visit various cultural institutions and share Western values. In the second case, Russian singles live rather poorly, and they are more religious and more adherent to the Eastern way of life. It’s amazing how two such different classes coexist in one large country. If you come to Russia, you want to understand how the country’s population lives, and you should not go to the capital.

Features Of Marriage With A Russian Bride

You can get married to a Russian mail order bride directly in Russia, the USA, or a third country. You need to contact the state registration office (ZAGS) in the first case. Here you will be told a list of documents that need to be obtained and translated into another language. Next, you will be prompted to select the date when you want to do the marriage ceremony.

Orthodoxy reigns in Russia. It is also Christianity, but very different from Catholicism. For some women, getting married in a church is of great importance. It’s a big beautiful ceremony here. Unlike in Catholic countries, weddings in the Orthodox Church are not automatically registered by government agencies. The church does not have a marriage license. Thus, the newlyweds need to go through day 2 of the ceremony – marriage in state bodies and the church. After that, the wedding is transferred to a cafe or restaurant, where a big feast occurs. There are always a lot of delicious dishes and alcohol on the table. If financial possibilities allow, all relatives and friends are invited to the wedding.

Sometimes the wedding ceremony lasts more than one day, but up to a week. Then the newlyweds either return to their usual way of life or fly somewhere on their honeymoon.

You can also get married in your country. In this case, Russian women for marriage will follow your country’s customs. Most likely, she will invite her parents, brothers, and sisters (if any) to the wedding. If you want to marry a Russian girl, you have to get the necessary documents. It will be much easier if you get a green card or another visa in advance.

Marrying A Russian Woman

Russian Women As Wives: Are They Good?

Russian girl for marriage has incredible charm. They know how to please a man due to their beauty and manners. Russian brides easily make contact and quickly switch to tactile touch and know-how to charm, unlike many other girls.

Many American spouses have ensured that the Russian wife is the best partner, housewife, and mother. Among the most critical advantages of Russian women are:

But, most importantly, Russian women strive to do everything possible to save their marriage. There are many examples where a husband has a drug or alcohol addiction and severely beats his wife, but a Russian woman forgives him every time. Of course, the negative actions of a man, including infidelity, lead to constant scandals within the family, but a Russian woman will do everything not to take out the dirty linen.

Russian women devote a lot of time to children. In a classical family in Russia, the mother is kind and understanding, and the father is strict. It becomes pretty difficult to find some balance that would not harm the child.

In general, a Russian woman to marry can be a good wife for you if you are ready to put up with her emotionality and give love. The Russian bride will provide you with happiness, a sea of ​​positive emotions, and a strong family.

Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Russian Girl

Russian women have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. To make a decision, it makes sense to write out all the pros and cons in the table:

Russian woman is very beautifulLazy
ThriftCan sit on the husband’s neck
Desire to move to your countryDifference in religion
Focus on building a strong familyLanguage difference
Loves children 
Ability to take care of herself 

If a Russian bride marries a foreigner, she may give up her desire to build a career. Of course, not all Russian women are lazy, many of them have to work hard in their homeland to provide for their families, but as soon as they marry a foreigner, they can easily give up work to spend more time with their loved ones one.

Usually, the difference in religion does not play a significant role for families who do not focus on this much attention. The difference between Catholicism and Orthodoxy mainly lies in the rites. If both of you treat this with understanding, there should be no problems.

Even though Russian girls for marrying have been learning English from the first grades of school, not everyone has been able to achieve great success in this. In wealthy families, parents devote more time to educating their children and taking them to language courses, so most Russian girls from Moscow speak English. Still, in the regions, their percentage is noticeably lower.

Russian Women

Interview with Mail Order Bride 😍

Interviewer avatar Lera Loeb

Hello Natalia! Thank you for chatting with us. What led you to explore the path of being a mail-order bride?

Hi! I believe in the possibility of finding love anywhere in the world. I wanted to break free from geographical limits and open myself to different cultures.

Interviewer avatar Lera Loeb

That's a wonderful perspective. What qualities are you hoping to discover in a potential partner through this journey?

I'm looking for someone who values communication, understands cultural diversity, and is ready for a committed relationship.

Interviewer avatar Lera Loeb

Great criteria. Any surprises or challenges you've encountered on this journey?

Adapting to a new language has been challenging, but it's also a rewarding experience. Cultural differences are intriguing, adding a unique flavor to the journey.

Interviewer avatar Lera Loeb

It sounds like you're navigating it well. Can you share a bit about your hobbies or interests?

I'm passionate about cooking and exploring international cuisines. It's my way of blending different flavors and creating something delightful.

Interviewer avatar Lera Loeb

That's wonderful. Lastly, any advice for others considering a similar path?

Be patient, be yourself, and embrace the unknown. Building a connection takes time, but the journey is filled with discovery and growth.

Marriage And Divorce Rate In Russia

The divorce rate in Russia is much higher than in other countries. Moreover, the most common cause is alcoholism of one or both family members and domestic violence. The difference in character that causes most families to divorce in Western countries is much less common.

In the table below, you can see how many marriages of Russian brides are destroyed:

The YearMarriages, thousandDivorces, thousandMarriages per 1000 populationDivorces per 1000 population

As we can see, divorce in Russia is the norm. However, if you treat a Russian woman with respect, she will strive to do everything possible so that your family is strong and happy.


Russian women are mentally very different from American women, but this does not prevent them from building happy families. Coming to live in another country, they quickly get used to local customs and assimilate. Often, your friends will not notice that the Russian bride has completely gone over your lifestyle and learned to speak without an accent in a year. Of course, she will bring new rituals and dishes from her culture into your life, but this will make your family even more robust.


Where Can I Marry A Russian Bride?

If you wish, you can get married in Russia, your country, or a third country.

How Often Do Divorces Occur In Russia?

According to some reports, 65% of all Russian marriages end in divorce. Moreover, the presence of children is not a significant barrier to divorce.According to some reports, 65% of all Russian marriages end in divorce. Moreover, the presence of children is not a significant barrier to divorce.

Why Are Russian Girls So Beautiful?

Russian girls have gorgeous appearances and curvy figures. They know how to dress and apply makeup in such a way as to attract the attention of a man.фRussian girls have gorgeous appearances and curvy figures. They know how to dress and apply makeup in such a way as to attract the attention of a man.ф

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