How Much Does a Russian Mail Order Bride Cost

Russian Mail Order Brides Profiles 💦

Mary 29 y.o.
Photography, Yoga
Alexa 24 y.o.
Reading historical novels, Playing the piano
Janna 40 y.o.
Painting, Wine tasting
Anna 39 y.o.
Belgrade, Serbia
Victoria 31 y.o.
Skiing, Nordic folklore dancing
Vlada 28 y.o.
Flamenco dancing, Cooking traditional Spanish dishes

Western men have always imagined beautiful Russian mail order brides for the role of a girlfriend or life partner. Russian beauty and charm have always been admired. Men are fond of meeting these women because they are usually more feminine and submissive compared to Western European brides. These ladies are great partners in life for their rationality, wisdom, and allure. Besides, Russian mail order brides cost less than other European brides.

🏆 Success marriages ~79%
⌛ Average age of brides 22 y.o.
💰 Average Cost $2,500 — $7,050
💑 Best Dating site LuckyDate
💔 Divorce rate ~22%
⚖️ Is it legal? Yes

Calculate the Cost of Mail Order Russian Bride

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Main Reasons For Buying A Russian Wife

Mesmerizing Beauty

Russian women are the embodiment of pure beauty. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons why so many western men want to know how much is a Russian bride cost is their stunning lookі.

There are many features that make these wives so alluring, and their most important feature is their diversity. Russia is a large country located in the European and Asian parts of Eurasia. Thus, local women’s appearances are the result of national and cultural affiliations.

It’s true that these singles received their stunning looks from nature, but they know to highlight their features. A typical Russian knows to masterfully apply makeup: she will never overdo it, but also will not allow herself to go with zero makeup on a date or work. Russian women are also very concerned about their body shapes and will invest efforts and money to maintain their flawless shapes as long as possible.

Pensive lady with deep blue eyes

Unique Personalities

Good looks alone are not the strongest foundation for happy relationships, and Russian mail order brides have much more to offer.

One of the most common qualities of these brides is their devotedness. A wife from Russia will support you no matter what and will resist all the troubles holding your hand.

Men who had a negative experience with brides from Russia often claim that these ladies are cold and unapproachable. However, that is nothing more than a way for women to protect themselves from injury. As soon as she sees that you have serious intentions, she will finally reveal her tender personality.

Looking back at the history and the fact that Russia is located in a completely different part of the globe, you may think many cultural differences separate you and your bride-to-be. In reality, Russin brides are open-minded and are well acquainted with Western culture. They adore Western serials, TV shows, and authors. Even if some cultural gaps would still exist, you can easily fill them with lots of communication.

Attitude To Family

Western brides are known for being laid-back about creating a family and put their career ambitions first. The idea of ​​settling down and trying themselves in the role of a wife and mother occurs no sooner than their late 30.

That does not apply to brides from Russia. These girlfriends are brought up in a patriarchal society where ladies are highly respected, but men still take the lead. The fact allows them to rely on their husbands and get married before the age of 25.

These brides start dreaming of a solid family at a very young age. The thoughts of a day when they are surrounded by their loving family start to appear with their first dating experience. The brides’ main priority is a solid family consisting of a loyal husband and adorable kids.

The entire world knows that these women become impeccable wives, but no less important is the fact that they are becoming nurturing mothers. If you are looking for a lady who knows much about raising kids, you should remember that there is no better person than a wife from Russia.


Russian women understand the value of proper education. Bachelor’s degree is considered a must in Russian society. That’s why your future wife will most likely want to have a minimum of one degree and lots of ambitions. Women from large cities will usually have a more career-oriented mindset than females in rural areas. Despite the fact, they will never allow their career aspirations to interfere with their family life.

Real Price Of Buying A Russian Bride Online

Calculate Russian Bride Cost

You can surely choose the good old love tour to Russia and spend around USD 4,000 for a trip. Unfortunately, even such a high Russian mail order wife price cannot guarantee that you will find a woman to marry. Online dating appears to be much safer and more cost-efficient. So how much does a Russian bride cost? Let’s see.

Subscription On A Reputable Matrimonial Service (+ The Cost of Credits)

There are many free Russian dating sites in the segment, but it is risky to sign up on any of them. They don’t guarantee your safety and may have a fake girl from Russia accounts there. By doing so, you could fall victim to fraud, or your personal information could be leaked. It is best to choose high-quality sites of the average price with a number of communication features that confirm the identity of girls from Russia before registration. On average, a monthly subscription to these sites costs around USD 10-20 per month. Subscription means you have access to certain services, from chat to video calls and gift delivery.

In addition to a paid subscription, some mail order bride sites also use a credit system. Credits are virtual money sites that you can purchase for real money and then use to purchase certain services like messages, video calls, and etc. In such a case, Russian bride cost will depend on the site you‘ve chosen.

Pampering Her With Flowers And Gifts

This is necessary in order to woo a girl from Russia because these brides adore little signs of affection. Russian mail order wives sites usually offer such delivery services and partner with local Russian deliveries, so use them to win the heart of a Russian waitress. Prices for such an option usually start at USD 35 per bouquet.

Asking Her For An Offline Date

Later in your relationship, it’s time to meet your fiance from Russia in person. Find out if your dating site organizes romantic dates or excursions and set off! But it is definitely necessary to include in the list of expenses of your bride in Russia. Otherwise, you can always arrange a trip yourself, but keep in mind that the cost of visa, tickets, insurance, hotels, restaurants will be included in the price. In general, you can spend thousands of dollars and never achieve your goal, so why not rely on professionals?

Taking A Russian Bride To Your Country

Well, here the costs depend on where you come from, and whether you want to organize a lavish or humble wedding. Generally speaking, if you date a Russian bride by mail for six months, you can spend between USD 300 to USD 600. But regardless of how much does a Russian wife cost, she is worth it. A girl from Russia will never let you down as a wife!

Russian girl with big boob

Final Thoughts

Russian brides are hard to resist. These women captivate foreign men with their beauty and wonderful characters. It’s no weird why foreign love seekers are curious about Russian order bride prices. Now when you’re aware of how much Russian brides cost, you can plan a budget and confidently start conquering her heart. Remember that online dating is, by far, the best option currently.


How Much Does A Wedding With A Russian Mail Order Wife Cost?

It depends on many factors. Whether you want a ceremony to be held in your home country or Russia. It also depends whether you want a lavish celebration or to share your happiness with the dearest and nearest. Besides, it depends on the financial situation in a bride’s family. The average wedding price is USD 12,000.

What Does The Average Russian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Well, to calculate how much are Russian mail order brides cost, we need to consider the dating site expenses (USD 300 per month including gifts delivery) and the cost of a love tour. You may well spend from USD 1,800 to USD 5,000 depending on what exactly you do.

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