Bangladeshi Brides: A Complete Guide on Mail Order Brides

When it comes to Asian women, most westerners think of Indian, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese ladies. This is extremely unfair to many other beautiful women, including Bangladeshi brides.
Bangladesh is a relatively small country with an incredibly dense population. Out of almost 170 million people living there, almost half are females. This is a country of rivers, lush nature, and amazing history and culture. But one of the greatest treasures of Bangladesh is the beautiful local women. 

Best Cities to Find a BrideDhaka, Chittagong, Bogra, Sylhet, Rajshahi
Average Bride Age16
Average Mail Order Bride Cost$3,000 – $5,000
Marriage Success Rate65%
Divorce Rate42%

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Characteristics of Bangladeshi Brides

What is so special about these women? The short answer is a great many things! It would be extremely difficult to describe Bangladeshi women in just a few paragraphs. However, there are a few prominent qualities most ladies in Bangladesh have.

Bangladeshi Brides

Physical Beauty

The beauty of Bangladeshi women for marriage draws attention at the first glance. In terms of appearance, Bangladeshi mail order brides are quite similar to Indian ladies: with luxurious dark hair, large dark eyes, and feminine curvy bodies. However, there are some differences as well: their skin is lighter and their facial features are more sophisticated.

Love for Family

The vast majority of women in Bangladesh follow Islam. This explains their traditional values, including those regarding family. To these ladies, family is one of the most important things in life. Bangladeshi mail order brides are raised with a deep respect for their elders. From an early age, Bangladeshi mail order brides learn that the woman’s role is to be a supportive and caring partner for her husband and a loving mother to her children. 


Due to their religious beliefs, Bangladesh women don’t drink, aren’t too chatty and won’t make a scene in public. It should also be noted that this means Bangladeshi women are quite reserved, shy, and don’t like public displays of affection.

Affection and Kindness

That being said, it doesn’t mean that women from Bangladesh don’t know how to be affectionate and passionate. When alone with their beloved man, Bangladeshi women will do everything to please him. Once you get to know your Bangladeshi bride, you’ll find that a Bangladeshi wife is exceptionally warm, friendly, and sympathetic.

Watch the video to learn more about these ladies: 


Bangladeshi Mail Order Brides Profiles 💦

Mei Ling 25 y.o.
Shanghai, China
Marketing Manager
Traveling, photography, hiking
Aisha Patel 31 y.o.
Mumbai, India
Software Engineer
Reading, cooking, yoga
Yuki Tanaka 23 y.o.
Tokyo, Japan
Graphic Designer
Anime, drawing, karaoke
Kim Soo-Min 32 y.o.
Seoul, South Korea
English Teacher
K-dramas, painting, dancing
Priya Gupta 31 y.o.
Bangalore, India
Traveling, playing the piano
Thi Lan 29 y.o.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Reading, hiking, volunteering

Main Reasons Why Bangladeshi Women Become Mail Order Brides

If you go to some international marriage and dating sites, you might find there are a lot of women from Bangladesh. There are a few serious reasons for this.

Bangladeshi Women Want to Have a Choice and Marry a Man They Love

Pre-arranged marriages are a common tradition in Bangladesh. This means that young women often can’t marry who Bangladeshi mail order brides want but rather who their family chooses for them.

Bangladeshi Women Hope for a Better Life Abroad With More Opportunities 

Bangladesh is still a developing country, and the areas far from big cities are often very poor. This is why many Bangladeshi girls dream of a better future with decent western men. 

Bangladeshi Women Want More Safety and Security in Their Lives

Unfortunately, violence and bad attitudes towards women aren’t uncommon in Bangladesh. Unmarried young women feel especially vulnerable to harassment and bad treatment. A typical Bangladeshi mail order bride sees western men as more calm, understanding, and gentlemanly.

Bangladeshi Women Want to Avoid Being Labeled as “Unsuitable for Marriage”

In Bangladesh, an unmarried 20-year-old woman is considered to be too old for marriage. This leads to all kinds of unpleasantness from married peers and men. But many young Bangladeshi women don’t want to be viewed just as marriage material. Bangladeshi brides want partners who understand they can be much more.

Qualities a Bangladeshi Bride Wants to See in a Foreign Man

It’s important to remember that women in Bangladesh take dating very seriously. Bangladeshi brides don’t live in an information vacuum. These women have access to western TV and social media. Bangladeshi brides have formed a certain favorable image of a western man they want to meet. Here are some of the things they hope to see in their partners.

buy Bangladeshi wife


Polite, tactful, and gentlemanly behavior is something your Bangladeshi date will expect from you. Bangladeshi women want their partners to not be afraid of talking about their feelings. A little bit of tasteful flattery won’t hurt, either. 

Family Values

While it’s true that Bangladeshi women want to be more than just housewives, they are still very family-oriented. Naturally, they’ll want you to be the same. If a Bangladeshi girl for marriage agrees to date you, be sure that a Bangladeshi wife sees it as a serious step, not a way to have fun. 


Like many Asian ladies, Bangladeshi wives are among the best in the world. But they’ll want you to recognise that marriage relationships are a two-way street. A Bangladeshi mail order wife will be happy to take care of your needs and support you. And she will expect the same in return. 

Interview with Asian Mail Order Bride 🔥

Hey Aiko! What got you thinking about being a bride on this global scene?

Hey there! Life's short, like cherry blossoms. Figured I'd find someone who vibes with the fleeting beauty of it all.

Deep! Any curveballs on this ride?

For sure! Languages can be a bit of a puzzle, but it's like the slow elegance of a tea ceremony. Delicate but worth it.

Beautiful comparison! What's your dream partner made of?

Someone gentle, vibes with quiet moments, and has a curious mind. Life's like a haiku; it's quick, but there's depth in every line.Someone gentle, vibes with quiet moments, and has a curious mind. Life's like a haiku; it's quick, but there's depth in every line.

And the big Q – would you relocate for love?

Definitely! Love's an adventure, and if it takes me somewhere new for someone special, I'm down.

Are Bangladeshi Women Good As Wives?

The short answer is that Bangladeshi brides make amazing wives. Bangladeshi girls prepare for their biggest day in life – marriage – from an early age. Even as girls, Bangladeshi women learn how to be caring, supportive, and respectful wives.

Family Is a Top Priority

A traditional Bangladeshi family is large, supportive, and very closely interconnected. In good times or bad, all family members keep together and support each other as much as Bangladeshi women can. That’s what most Bangladeshi girls are aiming at when they think of family. So if you want to be sure your date wants a serious relationship, Bangladeshi women looking for American men are a great choice.

find Bangladeshi girlfriends

Deepest Respect for the Life Partner 

Much thanks to their religious beliefs, women in Bangladesh have a very traditional, if not conservative, outlook on family traditions and gender roles. For them, the man is the leader, and the woman must support her husband in whatever decisions he makes.

Great Homemakers

When it comes to household matters, outstanding diligence is the way. Bangladeshi women cook, clean, take care of their children and make sure their husbands are completely satisfied and comfortable. 

Places to Find Bangladeshi Brides

So, where can you find these amazing ladies? As is always the case with international dating, there are two main options to choose from. You can date Bangladeshi females online, and you can meet them in person, by traveling to their home country.

It’s important to note here that dating ladies in Bangladesh is a challenge. Many women in this country aren’t accustomed to talking to men Bangladeshi brides don’t know in public. This is why it might be difficult to start a relationship just by approaching single women in the street. It’s unlikely you’ll meet any decent women in local bars, either. These places aren’t safe for ladies, and many of them don’t even allow female visitors. 

Dating Bangladeshi Brides Online

There are many advantages to meeting Bangladesh ladies via the Internet. First of all, a reputable international dating service is a secure and safe space to meet your love if you are lonely. This is where you can meet a real potential bride from Bangladesh, get to know her better, and plan your meeting in person.

It’s the surest way to meet Bangladeshi brides. Taking into account all the above-mentioned difficulties, it’s better than meeting them offline.

Find Bangladeshi Wife in Person

The capital of the country, Dhaka, is probably the best place to meet Bangladeshi single women for marriage. It’s a fast-growing city, both economically and socially. There are a large number of places to see, such as parks, squares, and malls.
Keep in mind that in most cases, Bangladesh men and women don’t mingle in public places. Even though things are changing, and you can find more liberal-minded Bangladeshi girls for marriage, most of them are conservative.

Mei Ling photo
Mei Ling photo
Mei Ling photo
Mei Ling
Age 31
Occupation IT Specialist
Religion Veterinarian
Hobbies Gardening, Karaoke
English level Intermediate
Weight 66
Height 167
About me Mei Ling is a tech-savvy and down-to-earth woman who enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Her green thumb and love for singing reveal a nurturing and fun-loving side. Mei Ling hopes to find a partner who values loyalty, enjoys laughter, and is open to embracing the beauty of Asian culture.
Lin Mei photo
Lin Mei photo
Lin Mei photo
Lin Mei
Age 25
Occupation Architect
Religion Buddhism
Hobbies Painting, Traditional Tea Ceremonies
English level Intermediate
Weight 62
Height 170
About me Lin Mei is a talented architect who finds inspiration in the delicate balance between modern design and traditional Chinese aesthetics. Her passion for painting and commitment to preserving cultural practices, such as tea ceremonies, reflect her deep appreciation for art and heritage. Lin Mei is seeking a partner who values creativity, mindfulness, and a harmonious approach to life.

Are Bangladeshi Women Easy to Integrate Into Foreign Society?

Integrating into an unexplored foreign society isn’t particularly easy for anyone. There are problems like the language barrier, finding your own place in said society, and adapting to new challenges.
However, this is by far not an impossible task for Bangladeshi mail order wives. There is a large Bangladeshi diaspora living abroad. Many young women, especially students, are willing to do all it takes to become integrated and live with their lovers. Bangladeshi brides see the possibility of moving abroad as a chance for a much better, promising life.

buy Bangladeshi wife

Bangladeshi Mail Order Brides in the USA: Success Stories

A happy ending is what you want to hear about when it comes to Bangladesh women looking for love. And we do have a few happy stories for you!

Anthony, 40 and Rani, 29

International dating was something Anthony knew a lot about. He’s been using dating websites for 6 years but wasn’t very successful. Rani appeared in his life seemingly out of nowhere and messaged him first. The two started talking, and very soon, Anthony realized he cared about Rani a great deal.
Arranging a personal meeting and helping Rani come to the US was a long and very difficult process. But the couple never gave up, and now they are happily married and living in Chicago, Illinois.

Tyler, 35, and Barsha, 26

Tyler didn’t know much about the international dating scene. Everything changed after he signed up for one of the services and started talking to a pretty Bangladeshi student named Barsha. “Every day was a great one as long as I could talk to her”, admits Tyler.
After two years of communication, the couple went through a long and hard fiance visa process. Now they are rewarded for their perseverance: they’ve started a family a year ago and Barsha is expecting!

Eddie, 38 and Rifah, 24

Edward always had a thing for beautiful South Asian women. But even though he spent a while on online dating services, he didn’t seem to be able to meet his perfect soulmate. That changed when he met Rifah, a med student from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
They didn’t always see eye to eye but they felt the strongest connection from day one. Eddie was first hesitant about going to Bangladesh but he finally went there just to meet Rifah. They spent another year talking online after that and then decided to get a fiance visa. Today, the couple is engaged. They will officially become a man and wife in three months. 

Bangladeshi Brides: Author’s Conclusion

There’s no denying that the whole process of getting a Bangladeshi bride is challenging. However, it’s totally worth it. Bangladeshi girls for marriage are friendly, caring, supportive and respectful. They make wonderful dates and amazing wives. So don’t waste another minute and start dating a bride from Bangladesh now!

Bangladeshi single women


How much does a Bangladeshi bride cost?

It’s important to note that you can’t exactly buy Bangladeshi wife. When we talk about costs, we mean how much the entire process of dating, traveling, getting visas, and marrying will be. Using an international dating website will cost you around $150-165 per year. A plane ticket to Dhaka is around &1200. A wedding in Bangladesh will cost at least $3000.

Is mail ordering a bride legal?

Yes, it’s completely legal. There’s nothing shady about the mail order bride scene and every reputable online dating service operates officially. Today, this is not about ordering a woman from an online catalog and waiting for her to arrive to you in a parcel like an object. It’s about meeting women online, talking to them, arranging a date in person, and ultimately getting married.

What is the best Bangladesh mail order bride site?

It’s hard to say which website of this type is the best. It greatly depends on your preferences. Is the price of the service the most important factor to you? Is it security? Do you find features like video chat an absolute must-have? We can suggest websites like Asian Dating and International Cupid to find Bangladeshi girlfriends.

Do they speak English?

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of Bangladeshi singles speak English. According to reports, 12% of people in Bangladesh speak the language. Most of them live in the capital city Dhaka. They are mostly younger people and students. This is why it would make sense to use translation services when dating online.

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