Filipino Women – Expert Guide On Dating Them

Some men can quickly find a Filipino woman and build a harmonious relationship with her. But you are not so lucky. Previous relationships with girlfriends were short, and when you offered to move to another level, the girls refused. It happened this time, too – your partner refused marriage and said she wanted to build a career and not devote himself to family and children. Unfortunately, you are alone again.

But this is not a reason to be sad – trust us, you still meet your love. You can still find a soul mate who shares your attitude towards life and important values. You need to know where to look. It looks like it’s time to start dating Filipino women. These are magnificent women with wonderful character and respect for traditional family values. Moreover, today there are many international dating sites where foreign women are looking for American men. All this solves the problem of distances and allows you to act as efficiently as possible.

Number of Single WomenThe Philippines is a small country with a high population density. More than 100 million people live here (more than 52 million women). Also, many charming ladies try to look for partners on dating sites. Here you can meet Filipino girls that match your preferences.
Best Cities and CountriesWe recommend you pay attention to large cities, for example, the capital – Manila. More than 2 million people live here, so the chance to meet single Filipino ladies on the street is very high. Also, you can search in Quezon City, Davao, or Cebu. These major cities are also great for finding girlfriend from the Philippines.
Dating Apps/Sites UsersBut the best way to find the woman of your dreams is to register on Filipinas dating sites. After all, this way, you get access to many charming Filipino girls who are ready to chat. We can recommend quality platforms like FilipinoCupidm DateinAsia, Asianmelodies, EasternHoneys, and LoveSwans.
Average Dating Time Before MarriageAfter registering and making a deposit, you can chat online with Filipino single women. Online communication will help you learn more about your partner and understand what your relationship will be like. Filipino singles are pretty friendly and make contact quickly. So, from the beginning of marriage communication, only 3-4 months can pass.
Marriage Success RateDating in the Philippines is not just a relationship but a true partnership and mutual respect. You can be sure your wife will not take lovers; all her energy will be directed to preserving the family and caring for comfort. Statistics show that less than 15% of marriages to Filipino girls end in divorce within the next five years.
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Dating a Filipino Woman as a Foreign Man: What to Know Before

A smart person thinks about the consequences of his actions, analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about how your life will change if you start dating a Filipino woman – so you can make the right and smart decision.

Great Appearance

Hot Filipino women have natural beauty and grace. They have Asian features, big cheekbones, and a great smile. But the most important thing is the eyes. Green or black eyes look great, and delicate skin is devoid of wrinkles. The most interesting thing is that time has no power over Philippines wives. Even at 40, your bride will look like a charming 20-year-old girl. Remember, even after many years of relationship, you will be able to admire your wife.

Vital Energy

Start dating a Filipino girl if you don’t want your family life to be boring. These brides have irrepressible vitality and love active pastimes. Travel, sports, fun parties – everywhere, your Filipino wife will be happy to be with you. And this is a great partner because he has a great sense of humor. And if you want a little solitude, Filipino girls know perfectly well what personal space is.

Success Stories of Dating Filipino Women

Success Story #1 Image
James & Marisol EasternHoneys logo
For James and Marisol, it was love at first chat. The two met on a dating site and hit it off immediately. Marisol says she was drawn to James' sense of humor, while James was attracted to Marisol's "spunky" personality. After months of chatting and getting to know each other, the two finally met in person. They say it was like they had known each other for years. Today, James and Marisol are happily married with two kids. And they say they couldn't have found each other without the help of online dating. If you're looking for love, don't be afraid to give online dating a try. You never know who you might find.
Success Story #2 Image
Jopoy & Lorie AsianMelodies logo
Jopoy and Lorie met online through a dating site and started talking. Eventually, they fell in love with each other even though they have never met in person. Jopoy is based in the Philippines while Lorie is based in the United States. Despite the distance, they managed to make their relationship work. They communicated with each other regularly and made sure to keep the spark alive. Eventually, they decided to meet in person and it was a momentous occasion for both of them. It was the first time they were seeing each other face to face and it was everything they hoped for. They felt an instant connection and knew that they wanted to be together forever.

Facts About a Filipino Woman

It is worth saying that charming Filipino women have some features worthy of your attention. For example, almost all Filipino girls are small in stature. Tall ladies are very rare guests here. Also, local ladies are quite swarthy by nature, but at the same time, none of them is chasing a tan. You rarely see sunbathing Filipinas on the beach. They try to cover their skin from the sun.

The figures of the beautiful Filipino females are also slender and neat. Yes, you can meet full single women on the street, but this is rare. The hot climate and a diet rich in fruits prevent the appearance of overweight girls.

Girls from the Philippines are of mixed blood, and this successful combination makes them very attractive. At the same time, they are quite different – some are more like Asians, some are Spanish, and some are African girls. Also, Filipino girls are proud of their slim figures, especially their legs, which are usually long and thin.

They love being active. You can easily meet a single modern Filipino female surfing the waves. This sport is mainly popular with tourists, but locals sometimes go to work as instructors and reach a good level in riding the waves.

Filipino girls value family most of all in life. They are afraid of divorce and are ready to make concessions to their husband. Moreover, Filipino wives are very accommodating, non-confrontational, and kind. And not only with tourists but also in family affairs. After marriage, girls usually do not go to parties, and in general, they rarely look for companies outside the family, devoting themselves to raising children and housekeeping. Among other things, Filipino girls learn to cook from childhood. So you can try many delicious dishes if you start dating women from the Philippines.

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Filipino Women Dating Culture

Let’s talk a little about the relationship culture in the Philippines. After all, you should know at least the important features of this process if you want to start dating Filipino women. In general, this process differs little from the Western style of courtship. Traditionally, during the entire period of courtship, a man tries to achieve an impregnable lover. The friendship stage gradually becomes a “candy-flowery” period; after revealing feelings and meeting their parents, the young couple is ready to get engaged and, subsequently, get married. In the past, during courtship, young people came at night under the windows of their beloved and sang serenades, to which the girl also responded with chants. But unfortunately, this practice has practically not been preserved in the Philippines in our time.

Interestingly, in the 19th century, the islands had a set of gestures with which Filipino single ladies could sign to men. This was done with a fan. For example, if she covers half her face, she wants him to follow her. Fingering the edges of the fan means that the lady is not averse to talking with a fan. Holding the fan with the right hand meant the woman was free, while the left meant that she already had a boyfriend. Energetic fanning – the lady is in love with the gentleman, unhurried – indifferent. And the sudden closing of the fan means that the woman does not love this man.

Tips to Date Filipino Girls Successfully

Let’s assume you have already started chatting with a charming Filipino girl on the site. Everything is going well, and you are ready to ask her out on a date. Let’s discuss how to meet Filipino women and make the most pleasant impression on charming Asian ladies.

  1. Organize everything right. After all, you have been communicating with this lady for a long time, so you can properly organize the date Filipino girl because you know her preferences. Choose a place (restaurant, cafe, etc.) that she likes and book a table.
  2. Dress appropriately. Going on a date with a charming Filipino girl in dirty or sloppy clothes is silly. But do not wear an expensive business suit. Choose stylish and clean casual clothes.
  3. Don’t talk all the time. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and their interests. Therefore, be a good conversationalist and communicate with a single Filipino lady on topics that interest her.
  4. Show your intelligence. Filipino girls love smart men. Try to learn a little about her country or learn a few phrases in her native language. This will show that you respect the Filipino lady and want to build a strong relationship with her.
  5. Continuation of the date. First, pay the check. Single Filipino women don’t like greedy men. Secondly, do not invite her to your house after the first date. Of course, some girls may agree, but you are looking for a bride, not a female, for one night. In addition, this will show respect for her and add attractive points to you.
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Filipino Girlfriend as a Wife: What to Expect?

Let’s assume you are lucky enough to meet Filipinas online, start chatting and create a harmonious relationship. The next important step is marriage, after which your life will change significantly. Let’s talk about the consequences of this decision.

Respect for Husband and Family Life

Filipino brides are brought up with respect for traditional family values. The country is patriarchal, so girls respect men and try to please their husbands. In addition, Filipino wives have a soft and pleasant nature. They do not like quarrels or conflicts, do not make scandals because of jealousy, and understand how important it is for a man to have personal space. It sounds like the perfect marriage.

Comfort and Coziness

And it’s true that you will try to come home as soon as possible every day because your Filipino woman has created perfect comfort here. These girls become wonderful housewives who love cleanliness and order. Filipino girls for marriage are a great choice if you want a cozy and wonderful atmosphere in your home. Moreover, your wife will be an excellent mother and will be able to raise wonderful children.

Success Stories of Dating Filipino Girls in the USA

On the internet, we have received many testimonials from real users who have found soul mates on Filipino brides dating sites.


“I felt lonely for a long time, but a friend suggested I register on an Asian dating site. I tried it out of curiosity and realized I was very pleased to be here because charming Filipino girls are ready to learn more about me and my inner world. Now I am talking with one lady and am ready to invite her on a date. Hopefully, this will be the start of a great relationship.”


“I was going through hard times after my divorce, and the Filipino women online dating site has been a lifesaver for me. After all, I found like-minded people who understand me and help me feel positive emotions. I even arranged visas for my Filipino girlfriend and her friends, inviting them to visit. Soon they will live in my house and delight with their wonderful mood and dazzling smile.


“I never thought I would find my love on a dating site. But it’s true, and AsianFeels helped me. I met my Filipino girlfriend, started talking, and invited her on a date. Everything was so good that I proposed to her a month after the start of the relationship. And I still think I did the right thing.”

dating in philippines

Filipino Ladies like in Relationships: Pros and Cons

Suppose you have started dating a Filipino woman and are ready to propose to her. Such an international marriage has both advantages and disadvantages.



Author Conclusion

Now you know everything about beautiful Filipino girls. These women are looking for love, and you can become the brightest and most pleasant event in her life. It remains only to choose a quality dating site with Filipino girls and undergo the registration procedure. Start chatting and ask the lady out when you’re ready. And then build harmonious relationships based on trust and respect. Good luck!

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