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Korean vs Japanese women have a direct view of family attachments and family values ​​compared to many American or European ladies. Perhaps many Japanese women were attracted to the masculinity of American men. Still, a Japanese vs Korean girl dreams of a romantic relationship with a decent American. Find out the difference between Japanese girls vs Korean girls.

Korea is a majestic oriental country with many differences in culture and values, speaking also of dating a Japanese Korean girl. If you are in a relationship with these Asian beauties, be it dating or marriage, you can feel the difference in their demeanors, personality, looks, and habits. Although they are geographically close to each other, Korean women vs Japanese women have many cultural differences.

Korean Women vs Japanese Women

Korean vs Japanese Culture


Language is the principal point that separates each Asian culture. The Japanese language is based on the alphabets (hiragana and katakana) in combination with Chinese characters (kanji). As far as Korean is concerned, they use Hangul. Koreans also used Chinese characters but abolished this completely in the mid-1980s. The use of common language is still similar, and they use a lot of words with each other. It is assumed that the Japanese language is much easier for Koreans to learn, and vice versa.

Cultural Influence

Japan is an island country, and South Korea, in the southern part, is located on the continent of Asia. This sharply differentiates the two cultures. The difference between Japanese and Korean is that historically, Korea has had significant cultural influences from both China and the continent. Still, Japan is no exception, as a thousand years ago, it was isolated due to the isolationist policies of the samurai. On the contrary, it is somewhat closer to Western culture after the 19th century. Then the samurai shogunate was canceled. This is why Korean culture is similar to China while Japan is much closer to the West.


Christianity is the main religion in the southern part of Korea. And only about 1% of the population declares the Christian faith in Japan. Shinto is the original religion of Japan, and more than half of Japan’s population believes in Shinto in one way or another. The Emperor of Japan has the highest authority in Shinto. Thus, Japanese holidays are based on Shinto rituals.


Although Japan still practices the Confucius way to some extent, it is much more common in Korea. In Korean culture, family roles are quite different. It is customary in Korea to speak in a respectful language when they speak to their parents and grandparents. This is a sign of respect for the elderly in Korea. Age is also very important in Korean society, and they constantly address the elderly with a respectful speech. Due to this fact, age is sometimes the first question Koreans may ask you. But asking someone’s age is considered rude in Japan, especially for women.

Difference Between Korean Japanese And Chinese


By the manner of your presence in public, you can always understand who was born and raised in China and who in Japan or Korea. Bowing is common in all three countries. In Japan and Korea, it is a deep bow that is used in greeting or as an expression of gratitude and respect. In communist China, this is just a slight tilt of the head. The greeting here has become the usual handshake. This is how both men and women greet.

How Do They Behave In Public?

If you see girls from Asia talking loudly or even shouting at each other, rest assured that they are Chinese. Japanese and Koreans try to be very quiet in public. Usually, they don’t even talk to each other or laugh so as not to disturb others. Outwardly, the Japanese look very focused, collected even when they are on vacation. The Japanese and Koreans never litter, unlike the Chinese. Ladies in China are rather indifferent to those around them, even to their compatriots.

Eating Manners

The difference between Japanese women vs Korean women is especially noticeable in a restaurant. The Japanese will never take food with their hands but only with chopsticks. It is considered the height of indecency to spit something out, for example, a fishbone. Therefore, ladies in Japan never eat grapes. In restaurants, chefs carefully cut the fish and remove the meat from the claws of the crabs. In Japan, they prefer seafood, and from drinks, they choose sake.

The Chinese are omnivorous. Since their country is huge and only part of it is located on the sea coast, fish is present in the diet much less often. They mainly eat pork, chicken, rice. But even at the table, girls from China do not at all resemble those from Japan. They are not averse to eating with their hands pulling in noodles with an annoying champ, and they see nothing wrong with spitting on the floor. They are also very tolerant of drinks and prefer everything.

Japanese Women vs Korean Women

Clothing Preferences

If you see an Asian who looks like an anime character, you can rest assured that this is a Korean. Koreans stand out for their bright and stylish clothes, incredible hair color, and an abundance of decorative cosmetics. Bright red lipstick and thickly colored eyelashes can only be worn by a lady from Korea. Local girls have a special attitude to beauty and cosmetics. You can imagine how many cosmetic products are produced in the country by the abundance of cosmetics stores.

Also, plastic surgery is very common in the country. It is believed that the best doctors are located there as they have a great practice. More often, women from Korea begin to correct the shape of the eyes. Wide-open, almost cartoonish eyes with huge eyelashes are something that will not make you doubt in a nationality!

Japan is a country of officials and employees. Office work here takes almost all the time. This means that the strict uniform of a clerk is in use. Gray, blue, beige, black, and white are the main colors of Japanese clothing which they do not change even on vacation.

Severity and decency are perhaps the main rule in choosing a suit. You will be surprised, but the creations of famous Japanese designers with their stunning laconic lines and impeccable cut are the clothes worn by Europeans and Americans. Ladies in Japan are too conservative for clothing.

As for the girl from China, they don’t seem to have any particular preferences. They prefer casual, comfortable clothes. In some ways, even a little old-fashioned, especially among middle-aged people. Plain jeans and T-shirts are usually observed.

Facial Features

This is the most difficult way to determine nationality. A smooth face, like an inverted triangle, fair skin, thin eyebrows, large eyes are typical for sophisticated women from Korea. Hair dyed red or white is not uncommon.

Small facial features as if painted with watercolor paint, low cheekbones, black hair, thick eyebrows, often freckles, lack of makeup are typical for Japanese women.

The Chinese are the hardest to identify. Their country is so large that people in the northern and southern provinces look completely different. In the north, they are tall and have more “European” features, narrow noses, and rounded cheekbones. Residents of the south are more like Vietnamese, the same short and slender.


What Is The Best Way To Meet Asian Girls?

Go to a reliable dating site, register, and create an interesting and complete profile. Write a message to the Korean or Japanese you like. Become good friends and arrange a real date!

How Loyal Are The Girls From Korea?

The question is how much they love their partner. If love is mutual, then Korean women will remain faithful for life. They value families and respect their spouses.

Are Asian Girls Good For Americans?

They are good lovers and family partners. This is a great option for American marriage seekers.

Success Stories of Dating Japanese Women

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Jopoy and Lorie met online through a dating site and started talking. Eventually, they fell in love with each other even though they have never met in person. Jopoy is based in the Philippines while Lorie is based in the United States. Despite the distance, they managed to make their relationship work. They communicated with each other regularly and made sure to keep the spark alive. Eventually, they decided to meet in person and it was a momentous occasion for both of them. It was the first time they were seeing each other face to face and it was everything they hoped for. They felt an instant connection and knew that they wanted to be together forever.
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