Marrying a Chinese Woman – Asian Tenderness and Respect for Family Values

China is gradually becoming the economic center of the planet. However, this is not surprising, because more than a billion people live here. And you started cooperating with companies from China a long time ago. In recent years, you have learned a lot about the culture and traditions of this country. And you liked to communicate with polite and hardworking people.

And recently you broke up with your woman, a relationship with which lasted for several years. Well, now it’s time to start a new phase. And you decided to look for a Chinese woman to marry. Moreover, today there are many dating sites where you can meet charming Chinese brides. But international marriage is not just a standard process, it is a procedure that requires additional steps. In our review, we will talk about the legal and other nuances that American men will face when looking for a spouse abroad. About how to marry a Chinese woman – you will find out in today’s material.

How to Marry a Woman From China?

It is worth saying that you can marry a Chinese woman in her homeland. This procedure is legal and you will receive a marriage license. Moreover, this document is also legally valid in the USA. But there are other nuances – for example, the presence of documents and the fact of a wedding is not a reason for automatically obtaining citizenship. Your bride will have to go through several stages for this. First, get a green card that gives you the right to permanent residence in the United States. This process becomes easier if the Chinese woman and the American man played a marriage ceremony more than two years ago – in this case, the document is valid for 10 years.

Also, an American man must fill out a special petition, attaching all documents and information about himself and the Chinese woman. The process of obtaining citizenship takes from one to three years.

Another way to invite a Chinese girl for marriage is to apply for a special bride visa (K-1). In this case, an American man applies to the visa center and receives permission for a Chinese woman to enter the country for 90 days. This time is enough for the partners to understand whether they are ready to continue a serious relationship and marry. If the answer is yes, the Chinese bride stays in the US and enters the second stage of the citizenship process. Otherwise, she must leave the country.

It is worth saying that the best way to find a Chinese bride is to cooperate with a quality dating site. Because this approach has several important advantages. For example, the user saves time. Because a trip to China can take a long time – several weeks or even months. But the user can spend just a few minutes registering and get access to a great service where charming Chinese girls are looking for a husband. And you can start communicating online, which will be as comfortable as possible thanks to modern technologies. Also, it is beneficial, because a monthly subscription to paid dating sites is much cheaper than a trip to China.

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What Do Chinese Women Look Like?

China is a huge country with rich culture and thousands of years of history. A huge number of charming Chinese women live here, and you are sure to find the perfect bride. Moreover, you will have hundreds of options. After all, over 500 million beautiful Chinese ladies live here. And they have a wide range of benefits.

Charming Appearance

Many men like charming Asian ladies. It will be very easy for you to find great Chinese women at dating sites. Most often, these girls are short (160-165 cm), with dark hair and brown eyes. However, thanks to modern matrimonial services that use a large number of filters, you can find the bride that you like. But the main thing is the charming smile and delicate skin of these women. Even at 50, your Chinese bride will look young and charming.

Interesting Communication

If you’ve started dating Chinese women, get ready to learn a lot. As a rule, such girlfriends have an excellent level of education and can keep up the conversation on any topic. This is just fine because you will be interested in your Chinese woman even after many years of married life. Surely, this is the ideal partner for a happy and reliable marriage.

Exotic and Attention

You will make a real sensation and attract the attention of others if you go to a party with a Chinese bride. Because these girls have not only good looks, but also a great sense of style. Imagine a Chinese lady in an elegant evening dress and high-quality make-up.

Your Cozy Home

Another important advantage of Chinese mail-order wives is that these girls know how to create real comfort at home. Every evening you will try to get home as soon as possible, because here you will find warm hugs from a charming bride, and delicious Chinese dishes are on the table. Moreover, the house is now perfectly clean and tidy. And most importantly – your children will have an affectionate mother and an example of real harmonious relationships built on love and mutual respect.

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Pros and Cons of Marrying a Chinese Girl

So, you have decided to marry a Chinese girl. This is an interesting decision that will change your life. Like any serious step, this decision also has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the strengths and weaknesses of marriage with Chinese women. Benefits of marrying a Chinese woman:




Well, thanks to our review, you know about the features of international marriage and the properties of Chinese brides. Now you can put this knowledge into practice. Choose a quality dating site with Chinese women, go through the registration procedure, and start chatting online. Ask her out on a date when you’re ready. Here you can understand what your relationship will be like. And, if you are ready for the next step, then you can make her your bride.


Can Foreigners Marry in China?

Yes, you can play weddings with Chinese brides in the country. Marriage to an Asian woman is legal both overseas and in the US. You receive a license that proves the legality of your marriage. But this document is not a reason for automatic citizenship for a Chinese bride. Keep in mind that your Chinese woman can become a US citizen, but this will require going through several stages, which we described in the review. The process takes one to three years.

How Much Does It Cost to Marry a Chinese Bride?

There are several stages where you must use a credit card. For example, chatting with Chinese singles online is often a paid option on many dating sites. The average cost of a monthly subscription here is about $50. Also, you can send a real gift to a Chinese woman you like (about $100).

Do Chinese Women Become Good Wives?

Yes, you made the right decision by choosing Chinese girls for marriage. Local women respect traditional family values, which allows them to become wonderful brides. A charming Chinese wife will become an ideal soul mate and soul mate who is ready to share your outlook on life. Together with such a partner, you can build a truly harmonious relationship based on love, trust, and mutual respect.

Where to Find Chinese Girls for Marriage?

Today there are many dating sites where you can find Chinese women for marriage. We have analyzed companies and can recommend several reliable and popular options. For example, 2RedBeans - this service is very popular in China and has an excellent reputation. Moreover, the site uses an advanced algorithm that analyzes a large number of parameters, so that matchmaking will be effective. Also, you can pay attention to the site LoveSwans, which cooperates only with local marriage agencies. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you are communicating with a real Chinese woman. And AsianMelodies offers a welcome gift to all new customers and gives a wide range of opportunities to communicate with a Chinese bride.

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